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Printable Colouring Pages For Kids Who Cruise

As parents we want a good balance between quality family time and kids enjoying the kids club. Family time on vacation is all about getting that balance. Hence why holiday survival kits and colouring pages for kids are a great way to keep children happy and occupied when you cruise.

Cruise Colouring Pages For Children

Holiday Survival Kits For Kids

This is something we have done since our boys were tiny. Preparing holiday survival kits was an art I perfected when our boys were younger.

It’s all about preparing a kit that your child does not see until the day you travel. We used to give the boys their holiday activity packs as we left the house. It became an event the boys were so excited about.

Dolphin Colouring page

Some Ideas For What To Include In Holiday Survival Kits

  • Small backpack that can be used at meal times and around the pool
  • sunglasses
  • Colour pens or crayon.
  • Refillable drinks bottle
  • Personalised drawing book.
  • small action figures ( Disney store sets are perfect)
  • Cars
  • Small lego sets with a small base to build on.
  • Card games
Free Downloadable Colouring Pages

But, no holiday survival kit would be complete without colouring books and pencils, however sometimes taking a colouring book our can be a faff. Also the decision of what page to colour in is sometimes just too much? Do your kiddies do that, or was it just mine? And also being able to personalise of choose your own colouring pages.

children's colouring sheets

We Have Designed A Set Of Printable Cruise Colouring Pages For Kids

Thus created a handful of printable cruise colouring pages for kids of all ages. There are some in here I wouldn’t mind having a go at myself. Of course my inspiration was cruise and sea related but I am bursting with ideas for new printable colouring sheets.

How To Print Our Free Downloadable Colouring Pages?

Click on the free printable pdf files below and download to your computer, from there you can send to the printer to print in A4 format.

However you can resize to A5 for smaller pages to fit in a plastic wallet.

Free Printable Cruise Colouring Pages 1

Free Cruise Colouring Pages 2

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Free downloadable colouring pages for kids who cruise

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.