Room Service On P&O, Menus And Prices


In this article, we’ll explore the room service offerings on P&O cruises. While the experience of dining out and trying various options is fantastic, there are moments when you might prefer a relaxed evening with a movie in your cabin or a leisurely morning enjoying breakfast in bed.

Room Service Menus On P&O

P&O Iona in Norway
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie Cruising with Kids

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To assist you in planning, we’ve compiled the prices for both breakfast and the daytime menu, providing you with insights into what to anticipate during your P&O Cruise.

Find out more about our Inside Cabin and P&O Drinks Packages and Bar Prices.

Drinks Available In Our Cabin

Tea and coffee facilities with a kettle and fridge
Tea and Coffee Facilities With A Kettle, Photo Credit: Sarah Christie Cruising with Kids

On the first day, there were 2 cans of water in our cabin. These were not replaced but you can get them from the bar, if you have the drinks package they are included. There is also a water fountain near the Sky Dome pool which is just down the corridor so it’s worth taking a refillable bottle.

You will also find tea and coffee facilities with a choice of tea, coffee which is replenished and a kettle, which is so handy for a morning cup of coffee.

Room Service In Your P&O Cabin

The room service options on P&O were great, there were lots of options and you could see walking along our corridor that people were making use of it.

Room service breakfast
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie Cruising with Kids

What Time Is Breakfast And Whats Included

Breakfast can be booked from 7 am until 11 and you book in a half an hour slot. There Is A £2.50 Delivery Charge For Room Service Breakfast On P&O. Note there is no coffee or tea on the menu; I guess that’s because you have a kettle and tea and coffee facilities in the room. However, you do get…..

Room Service Breakfast Menu
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie Cruising with Kids
  • A choice of juices including orange, apple and pineapple and the option of trying the smoothie of the day.
  • Yoghurt
  • Fruit or grapefruit
  • A good choice of cereals
  • A selection of pastries, muffins, toast and preserves.

Room Service Meals And Snack Prices

Room service is available on P&O until 2 a.m. the morning you disembark. Prices are very reasonable, with a £2.50 per cabin delivery charge. It’s especially great for families who want to feed the kids before the evening clubs or just have a chilled movie evening in their cabin.

Room Service P&O Iona
Photo Credit: P&O Cruises
Room Service ItemPrice Plus £2.50 Delivery
Roast Beef Baguettes £2.25
Club Sandwich With Fries£5.95
Children’s Sandwiches, Served with juice, yoghurt and a brownie £2.95
Sirloin Steak Panini £5.95
Soup and a roll£1.95
Tex Mex Combo To Share £7.95
Lasagna £5.95
Chicken Tikka Masala £5.95
Double Cheese Burger £5.95
Desserts £3.50
Cookies and Brownies£1.75
List of examples of room service items, remember you have to add to £2.50 delivery charge on top but this is per cabin, not item.

Room Service Drinks On P&O

Room Service Drinks Menu For P&O Iona
Photo Credit: P&O Cruises

What Alcohol Are You Allowed To Bring Onboard P&O

You can also order bottles of wine or spirits to your cabin too. But also remember, each guest aged 18 years (21 years in US ports) and older may bring alcohol as they embark on the ship on day 1 of the cruise.

  • Wine
  • Champagne
  • Beer
  • Spirit
  • Or Liqueur
Can you take alcohol on a P&O Cruise
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising With Kids

Do You Need A Drinks Package On P&O Cruises

Emerald Bar on Iona
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Check out all there is to know about the P&O Drinks packages, including menus and drinks prices.

Curious About P&O Iona Check Out Our Photo Tour

Sunset Bar on P&O Iona
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Have a look at what P&O Iona has to offer cruisers.


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