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Guide To Royal Caribbean Ships By Class

We are huge Royal Caribbean fans, between us we always have a cruise booked. However to a newbie to cruise its daunting knowing which is the best ship and indeed ship class for your next family cruise. You see bigger is not always better. It depends on your cruise style. But what we do know is researching your next cruise vacation on Royal Caribbean Ships By Class is a great way to see what facilities suit your cruise style and how you want to cruise.

Our family are very sporty and active, thus when cruising with our boys we look for sports activities. Plus also opportunities to try new activities. However we have friends with teens who are sun-worshippers, thus they look for quiet more chilled out ships. With cruising, one size does not fit all!

Royal Caribbean Ships By Class, and what's on each class

What Classes Of Ship Do Royal Caribbean Have And How Many?

Royal Caribbean have 26 ships over 7 classes of ship, however this is all going to change in 2023 with the newest addition of Icon Class which will take them to 8 different classes and 28 ships. There is no available information on Icon Class yet. However, it will no doubt be groundbreaking and exciting and Royal do innovation at a spectacular scale.

Royal Caribbean Ships By Class, What Classes Are There?

  • Icon Class, Due 2023
  • Quantum Ultra Ships, 2019 to 2021
  • Quantum Class Ships launched between 2014 to 2016
  • Oasis Class Ships from 2009 with the newest ship Utopia of the Seas due in 2024
  • Freedom  Class Ships from 2006 to 2008
  • Radiance Class Ships from 2001 to 2004
  • Voyager Class Ships from 1999 to 2003
  • Vision Class Ships from, 1996 to 1998
Ultimate guide to whats on Odyssey of the Seas,

Guide To Royal Caribbean Ships By Class

Royal Caribbean Icon Class Ships

There is no info on the newest Royal Caribbean Class yet, however as soon as we have it, it will be here.

  • Icon of the Seas, Due 2023

Royal Caribbean Quantum Ultra Class Ships

Quantum Ultra Class ships hold between 5,510 and 5,662 passengers and take everything wonderful from Quantum class and more. Some of the differences being the addition of the SkyPad to Quantum Ultra Class Ships. Even though both classes ships are of a similar size, Quantum Ultra ships hold more passengers. The Seaplex is a huge pull for Quantum and Quantum Ultra Ships, especially for sporty families.

Royal Caribbean Quantum Class Ships

  • Ovation of the Seas, 2016
  • Anthem of the Seas, 2015
  • Quantum of the Seas, 2014

When the first Quantum ship, Quantum of the Seas was released in 2014 this class of ship was considered the newest most groundbreaking of all Royal Caribbean ships. Quantum class ships all hold around 4,905 passengers at full capacity. They also promise to appeal to a whole new audience, with additions such as the North Star and iFly they offer a totally difference cruise vacation experience.

Royal Caribbean Ships By Class

Royal Caribbean Oasis Class Ships

  • Utopia of the Seas, 2024
  • Wonder of the Seas, 2022
  • Symphony of the Seas, 2018
  • Harmony of the Seas, 2016
  • Allure of the Seas, 2010
  • Oasis of the Seas, 2009

Oasis Class feature the biggest Royal Caribbean has to offer. At full capacity they hold between 6,680 and 6,988 passengers. Offering Boardwalks, a Central Park, Escape Rooms, FlowRiders and Zip wires these ships really are like floating cities, but also have dedicated suite areas for that ship within a ship feel. Check our Royal Caribbean Ships by Size post to get an idea of the scale of Oasis Class Ships compared to others. However as an idea Wonder of the Seas is currently the largest cruise ship in the world.

Symphony of the Seas - Aerials at night offshore Barcelona (Spain) on April 5, 2018 Symphony of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International
Symphony of the Seas – Aerials at night offshore Barcelona (Spain) on April 5, 2018

Royal Caribbean Freedom Class Ships

  • Independence of the Seas, 2008
  • Liberty of the Seas, 2007
  • Freedom of the Seas, 2006

Freedom Class Ships hold between 4,553 and 4,960 passenger and offer a good selection of the facilities of Oasis Class ships but with a smaller ship feel. This is great for those who want all the activities with the buzz but on a slightly smaller ship. They still have a lot of exciting facilities such as the FlowRider, ice skating, sports courts and baby splash zones.

Escape room The Observatorium on Independence of the seas

Royal Caribbean Radiance Class Ships

  • Jewel of the Seas, 2004
  • Serenade of the Seas, 2003,
  • Brilliance of the Seas, 2002
  • Radiance of the Seas, 2001

Radiance Class ships are more chilled, they are smaller ships holding between 2,466 and 2,702 passenger, more than half of the capacity of the Oasis Class Ships. Radiance Class Ships also have less family activities compared to the bigger ships. This however offers a more relaxing cruise experience, that is perfect for families who would feel overwhelmed by the larger ships.

Royal Caribbean Ships By Class

Voyager Class

  • Mariner of the Seas, 2003
  • Navigator of the Seas, 2002
  • Adventure of the Seas, 2001
  • Explorer of the Seas, 2000
  • Voyager of the Seas, 1999

Royal Caribbean has invested a lot of money into Voyager Class, so whilst they are older ships they are definitely not to be dismissed. In fact these are the perfect ships for the intimate ship experience for families. Holding between 3,807 and 4,290 at full capacity, they are larger than Radiance Class ships and have more going on. Especially Mariner and Navigator who have recently had slides, splash pads and Laser Tag added. These ships offer an exciting cruise experience on a smaller scale.

Royal Caribbean Ships by Class Whats in Each Class, Ariel view of Mariner of the Seas

Vision Class

  • Vision of the Seas, 1998
  • Enchantment of the Seas, 1997
  • Rhapsody of the Seas, 1997
  • Grandeur of the Seas, 1996

And last by no means least, Royal Caribbeans Vision Class are the oldest ships in the fleet. However still offer a great cruise experience, whilst only holding between 2,416 and 2,730 at full capacity. Thus are more intimate and offer incredible value, such as 2 nights Cyprus Cruise for £189 pp.

Activities On Royal Caribbean Ships

This table identifies all activities on Royal Caribbean ships by class. Let me tell you it took some researching, I hope we have got it all in? And if we have missed any Royal Caribbean activities you would like to see then do let us know so we can add to the list.

ActivityQuantum UltraQuantum
Class Ships
Radiance ClassVoyager ClassVision Class
Adventure Oceanxxxxxxx
Aqua Theatrex
Allure No
Boardwalk x
Escape RoomQuantumxIndi Mariner
H2O ZoneAnthem
Ice Skatingxxx
By IFly
Tide Bar
Climbing Wall
Royal Esplanadexx
Royal PromenadexAll but Mariner
Sky PadxIndyMariner
Age 16 +
Splashaway BayxOvationx
(Allure no)
Sports Courtxxxx
Suite Sundeckxxx
(Allure No)
VA Zonex
(Allure No)
(Explorer no)
Zip Linex

Which Is The Best Royal Caribbean Class

Thats a really tough one as it all depends on you and what your choices are? As a family we love busy and sporty. However when we are travelling as a couple, smaller and more intimate is preferable. I would advice jotting down activities that are important to you, the table above with then help you choose the right Royal Caribbean Ship for your cruise vacation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.