Guide To Celebrity Silhouette, Commonly Asked Questions


We have just returned for a week’s family cruise on Celebrity Silhouette. Celebrity was a cruise line I had never sailed on before and had no idea what to expect.

I asked in a few groups and was told not to compare it to the lines I had previously sailed on (Princess, Royal Caribbean and Cunard). That made me so nervous, but what I realised once on board was that this advice was right. Celebrity is different. It sits in its own very refined class of its own. Not better just beautifully different. So I have rounded up all the questions I asked in groups including lots about drinks packages and formal night in the hope that it might help Celebrity newbies in my guide to celebrity Silhouette.

The Lawn Club Celebrity Silhouette

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The Lawn Club Celebrity Silhouette

Guide To Celebrity Silhouette, Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Celebrity Silhouette dress code?

The dress code is smart casual most nights, which as it states is shirt or collared (polo shirt) t-shirt and trousers. Check out our full guide here. The more formal evening is called, evening chic attire. This gives you the option to dress up should you want too. Evening Chic nights are intended for you to wear relaxed, yet sophisticated, attire.

For women, a cocktail dress, skirt, trousers, or designer/smart jeans with an elegant top. Men should feel comfortable wearing trousers or designer/smart jeans with a dress shirt or button-down shirt or sweater, with sport coats/blazers optional.

Balcony Selfie on Celebrity Silhouette

Chris chose to wear a suit on the evening chic nights, as did many men, some wore tuxes. The evenings still have a very smart vibe but are aimed to give people not a fan of formal wear a choice.

I have to add, I adore dressing up and wore dresses every night and never felt out-of-place at all its a very mixed atmosphere, everyone makes an effort but to a different degree.

Is there are kids club on Celebrity Silhouette?

Celebrity runs the Explorer Academy kids clubs for children. However it was closed during our cruise so I can’t comment. For more info check out the press info here. What I can add is that even though Joe was one of the only children on board he adored Celebrity Silhouette.

chilling at the pool on a port day afternoon
Napkin folding on Celebrity Cruises, with kids

The Lawn Club Celebrity Silhouette

Are irons allowed on Celebrity Silhouette?

Irons are not permitted on board. However there is an ironing service, a shirt is roughly $6, and a dress $8. Alternatively take all of your clothes pre ironed and hang immediately. (Take a few extra coat hangers if you have room in your case) Then hang in the bathroom before wearing with the shower on hot, the creases drop in no time. All the years we have spent traipsing to ironing rooms on our travels, this tip is a game changer.

Can you get snacks on Celebrity Silhouette at any time of day?

Snacks are available from the Oceanview Cafe between 6.30am and 1am, coffee, tea and juice is available 24 hours. Café El Bacio is open between 11am and 11pm and serves the most delicious choice of complimentary cakes, pastries and cookies. Coffee and ice cream are an extra charge, ($5 for 2 scoops) however coffee is included within the drinks packages.

Cakes on the Celebrity Silhouette

If you have a drinks package you can get take-out cups from Café El Bacio, perfect for coffee on the go.

What are the Celebrity Silhouette restaurants like?

You can dine in the main Grand Cuvée restaurant on a set dining or flexible dining basis for breakfast (lunch on sea days) and dinner. The food and service are excellent, the atmosphere is chilled out and friendly yet feels special.

We found the flexible dining a wonderful option, if the restaurant is busy you are given a pager to allow you to go off for a drink in one of the nearby bars, we never waited longer that 15 minutes. You are also given the choice to dine with others or alone with your party.

Food onboard Celebrity Silhouette in the main dining room

The Ocean Café serves dinner nightly and works on a theme should you want a more informal dining experience.

Are the Celebrity Silhouette speciality restaurants worth the money?

Yes, the speciality dining was a highlight for us. We dined at Qsine and the Garden Grill; both were unique experiences offering wonderful food and service yet something a little different. Both were so unique. And you could use your drinks package in speciality dining too, so no forking out extra for drinks.

The Garden Grill is on the top deck and offers a  luxury bbq feel with delicious steak, fish dishes, and flat breads for starter. You can even choose to cook your own meal should you want too, the food was tasty and the service excellent.

Qsine offers a unique e-menu which is a bit like tapas with a difference as the food is smaller portions of international dishes. Including oriental, American and British dishes. And the desserts…….

Both experiences were very different, but equally fantastic, I would most definitely dine in both again.

Cuisine onboard Celebrity Silhouette
Qsuine Menu on Celebrity Silhouette
Making Flat Bread in the Lawn Club Grill

You can pre book the speciality dining as a package and get great offers. Or alternatively look out for waiters offering special deals around the ship. We got great deals for both restaurants, however I believe on many sailing the speciality restaurants get booked up quickly to offers may be less prominent.

Which Celebrity Drinks Package Should I choose?

We were really torn whether to go with the classic or premium drinks package. Generally when we cruise we get a wine package for dinner and then buy our drinks as we go along. However the package prices are cost-effective. The classic package on Celebrity Silhouette cost us $55 per person per day. This included drinks up to $9 per serving which covered many wines, a few gin and spirit choices, a great cocktail selection, soft drinks and speciality coffees in Cafe Bacio. We have a full DRINKS PACKAGE GUIDE HERE.

Can You Get Drinks Packages For Children? Or Non Alcoholic Drinks Packages?

Yes check out our full guide on all of the non alcoholic drinks packages, CLICK HERE.

The Gin Bar onboard Celebrity Silhouette

Martini Bar on Celebrity Silhouette

When you break it down the Celebrity drinks package is great value.

By the time you have a few coffee’s late morning, cappuccino with breakfast, soft drinks throughout the day with the odd cocktail and glass of prosecco and wine with lunch and dinner. This all adds up and to know it is all covered takes the guesswork out of your bill.

You can also use your drinks package for wine in all the restaurants. Our wine glasses were never empty at dinner.

You can upgrade to the premium package for an extra $10, which I did consider. However I only had a few cocktails and margaritas over $9 so paid the extra on those occasions.

My main reservation of the classic package was the quality of the wine and not having bottled sparking water. Nonetheless the quality of the wine was just fine, I found several that I enjoyed. And I found the cans of club soda an acceptable alternative to sparking water.

View of Vigo from the Citadel

Hope that helps, Celebrity Silhouette is the most wonderful ship and all the concerns I had about cruising her were unfounded. She has a unique class and style that has got us wanting to go back for more. Check out the post cards from our trip here.

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And my Celebrity Silhouette ship tour here for video footage and pictures of Celebrity Silhouette.

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Common Questions when sailing on Celebrity Silhouette for the first time, including ironing tips, drinks packages and dining


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  1. Will be cruising on Celebrity silhouette next September.Have cruises many with Royal Caribbean in the past and have 2 queries.1st being will there be kettle, tea and coffee in cabin and do they have a place where you can go and get cups of tea/coffee along with a sandwich.

    • Hi Margaret sorry for the late reply but yes there are tea and coffee facilities, here is our cabin tour and also Cafe al Bacio in the atrium offers tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc and small sandwiches and snacks its such a stylish area are the coffee is great, also if you have the classic drinks package speciality coffees are included. Otherwise standard tea and coffee is available. Hope that helps I loved Celebrity Silhouette it is such a stylish ship.xx


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