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Have you cruised into Cherbourg in France before? This Cherbourg Cruise Port Guide will give you a little insight into what you can do in Cherbourg with a few hints and tips to help you decide what to visit, how to get about and notable things to do in Cherbourg. Also, check out our guide to cruise ports in France.

Cherbourg cruise port, located on the northern coast of France, is a bustling gateway to both maritime adventures and cultural explorations. Nestled in the scenic region of Normandy, this port offers a delightful blend of historical charm and coastal beauty. As one of the busiest cruise ports in France, Cherbourg welcomes travellers from around the world with its modern facilities and easy access to a wealth of attractions. Whether you’re interested in maritime history, picturesque landscapes, or delicious French cuisine, Cherbourg cruise port is an interesting destination.

Everything you Need to Know About Exploring Cherbourg Port for When Your Cruise Ship Docks

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock In Cherbourg?

When entering port in Cherbourg ships will dock in either Cherbourg Cruise Terminal, Quay De Normandie or Quay De France dock. They are adjacent, and both are located near the town centre of Cherbourg which is easily accessible by foot. Keep reading for a brief Cherbourg cruise port guide.

How Far Is It From Cherbourg Port To Town?

You can walk into town in 10 minutes. If you zoom out on the map below you can see a small bridge crossing the river on Pont Tournant. Cross the bridge and take the 10-minute walk from the ship will take you to all the winding streets, bars, cafes and boutiques. The perfect place to go for lunch and to people-watch.

visiting Cherbourg for the day on a cruise

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The Best Things To Do In Cherbourg?

The port has free wi-fi and local vendors selling souvenirs. You will also find a tourist information point with maps.

Cherbourg Old Town

Stroll through the old town’s charming streets, filled with historic buildings, quaint shops, and cafes. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Sainte-Trinité Basilica.

Cité de la Mer Maritime Museum

There is a museum directly opposite the cruise terminal. The “Cité de la Mer” is an amazing experience featuring an aquarium, a real Submarine and a fascinating Titanic exhibition. Cité de la Mer: This maritime museum is a must-visit attraction. It features interactive exhibits, including a visit to an authentic submarine and an aquarium with diverse marine life.

The Submarine Museum is also at this museum that hosts not only a nuclear submarine but also many other submersible vehicles.

Submarine Museum in Cherbourg

The Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum is a multi-sensory experience taking you through the voyage and sinking of the Titanic, where there are mocked-up cabins and exhibits that as you walk deeper into the exhibition give you the feeling you are on a sinking ship. If you are at all interested in the history of the Titanic, the Titanic Museum is one not to miss.

We allocated 2 hours to complete this attraction but found this was not enough time to make the most of all the exhibits. If you do decide to visit the museum, be sure to grab a voucher from the tourist information point as they have money off vouchers attached.

Jardin Botanique de la Roche Fauconnière

If you appreciate nature, visit this beautiful botanical garden. Jardin Botanique de la Roche Fauconnière offers a peaceful atmosphere with various plants, including an impressive collection of rhododendrons.

Musée Thomas Henry

Art enthusiasts will enjoy the Musée Thomas Henry Museum, which houses an extensive collection of European paintings and sculptures from the 15th to the 20th century.

Plage de Collignon Beach

If you’re looking for a beach experience, head to Collignon Beach. Normandy beaches are renowned for stretching for miles. This sandy beach is where you can relax, swim, or enjoy water sports like windsurfing and

Liberation Museum Cherbourg

Learn about the events of World War II and the liberation of Cherbourg at this museum. It showcases artefacts, photographs, and interactive displays. The Liberation Museum in Cherbourg, also known as the Musée de la Libération, is a museum dedicated to the history and events surrounding the liberation of Cherbourg during World War II. It showcases the city’s role in the liberation and highlights the impact of the war on the local population.

Through its exhibits, the Liberation Museum aims to educate visitors about the sacrifices made by the Allied forces and the local population in their struggle against Nazi occupation. It also serves as a tribute to the individuals who fought for freedom and commemorates the liberation of Cherbourg and its significance in World War II.

What shore excursions can I do from Cherbourg?

Le Mont Saint-Michel

While it’s a bit further from Cherbourg, Mont Saint Michel is a world-famous attraction worth considering if you have enough time. It’s a stunning medieval abbey perched on a rocky island.

Check out these Top Tips for Le Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy ( Distance from Cherbourg 2 hours 40 by train)

Explore the Atlantic Wall and the Normandy Landings.

From Cherbourg, you can get excursions to explore the along the Atlantic wall a the D Day Landings. This historic fortification offers panoramic views of the harbour and the English Channel. It’s a great spot for photography and enjoying the coastal scenery. But also tells the story of the Normandy landings.

The Atlantic Wall consisted of a series of fortifications, bunkers, artillery positions, minefields, and obstacles. Its construction spanned from 1942 to 1944, and it stretched over 2,400 miles from Norway to the French-Spanish border. The defences were meant to deter any Allied attempts to breach the coast and launch an invasion.

The Normandy Landings, also known as D-Day, were the Allied forces’ amphibious invasion of Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944. This operation marked a turning point in World War II and played a crucial role in the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi control. Some significant D-Day places to visit in Normandy in one day include:

  • Batteries du Roule Museum in Cherbourg: This museum is located in a former German command post and showcases the history of the Atlantic Wall and the Battle of Cherbourg.
  • Omaha Beach and Utah Beach: These were two of the landing sites during the Normandy Landings, and visitors can explore the beaches, memorials, and museums that commemorate the D-Day operations.
  • Pointe du Hoc: This cliff-top location was a heavily fortified German position that was attacked by American Rangers during the Normandy Landings. Visitors can see the remaining bunkers and craters, as well as the memorial honouring the American forces.
  • The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial: Located near Omaha Beach, this cemetery is the final resting place for thousands of American soldiers who lost their lives during the Normandy Landings. It serves as a solemn tribute to their sacrifice.


Take a short trip from Cherbourg to this charming fishing village Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue known for its picturesque harbour and the UNESCO-listed Vauban Towers. Enjoy fresh seafood and explore the quaint streets.

Is there a supermarket or shopping mall in Cherbourg Port?

Yes, keep going along Quai de l’Entrepôt (do not cross the river). This will bring you so a supermarket and a small shopping mall.

Screenshot this handy Cherbourg Town Center Map on your smartphone to save wi-fi.

Other useful information.

What is the weather in Cherbourg?

Click for up-to-date and detailed weather forecast of Cherbourg.

Places a few hour’s drive from Cherbourg

If you have a few more days in this area there are plenty of places you can visit that will take your breath away! If you have arrived in France by Ferry to explore or travel through France to Spain, you will likely want to explore nearby areas. This area of France has plenty of Campsites to stay in and many historical sites to visit. Here are a few more ideas for exploring this area of France:

See what we did on our last day in Cherbourg with the kids.

If you have more time why not travel further afield to Brittany where you’ll find a wonderful array of beaches that will make you feel like you are somewhere a whole lot more tropical than Europe!

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What to do on a port day in Cherbourg Cruise Port


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