Free Digital and Printable Cruise Planner With Packing And Budgeting Pages


Today, we would like to share our free digital and printable Cruise Planner to help you plan your next cruise, whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or planning your first trip. A well-organised plan can make all the difference in maximising your enjoyment and minimising stress.

This convenient cruise planner is available for free download. Designed for first-time adventurers and seasoned cruise enthusiasts, it is fully customisable to tailor your cruise experience precisely to your day-by-day timings.

Free Printable Cruise Planner

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Free Digital/Printable Cruise Trip Planner

From planning, budgeting, travel day getting to and from the cruise port, mapping out your must-see attractions in port and onboard entertainment. Plus, to keeping track of dining reservations and quiz times. Our planner is your ultimate companion for a seamless and unforgettable Cruise experience. Say goodbye to frantic schedule juggling, and hello to effortless nautical bliss!

Even better, you can upload it to a phone or tablet and use with a programme like Goodnotes or print it off, allowing you to tailor your cruise trip the way you want to. And if you need an extra sea or port day page, just duplicate it or print another. Our planner has a place to store phone numbers, travel plans and show times, as well as an hour-by-hour schedule, to help you get the best out of your days at seas and in port.

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Photo Credit, Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

What’s In Our Free Printable Cruise Trip Planner

  • Cruise Travel Planner Cover
  • Travel Day Schedule
  • Daily Schedule for Sea Day (Copy or duplicate for more)
  • Daily Schedule for Port Day (Copy or duplicate for more)
  • Travel Home Day Schedule
  • Pre-Budget Planning Page
  • Daily Budget Planning Page
  • Cruise Carry on Packing List
  • 2 Pages of Cruise Packing Lists
  • Cruise Planner Note Page
In port at Tiano Bay, Puerto Plata Cruise Port

Tips For Successful Cruise Trip Planning With Our Digital Planner

Whilst the printable planner is great for printing off and making notes, this planner really comes into its own when uploaded to an app like Goodnotes. Before going live I used the planner along with the Mini Travellers Disney Planner to plan our next two centre Disney and Cruise trip. I uploading both guides to Goodnotes and combined them together to create a tailored planner for our 13 day trip.

The beauty of using the planner digitally is that I was able to upload all of our confirmations for parking, flights and airport lounges to the Goodnotes app, then create a hyperlink to link each booking to the app. I have the app on my phone and ipad so that I can quickly go into the app on my phone to find book references and documents, addresses for Uber and timings.

I love that all of our travel details are in one place, saving me time searching for emails and it even works in airplane mode as all the documents are pre uploaded.

Tips For Successful Cruise Trip Planning With Our Digital Planner

Information I Put On Our Planner

  • Pre Flight Hotel Confirmation
  • Airport Parking Confirmation
  • Flight Details and Times
  • Airport Lounge Booking Numbers
  • Hotel Confirmations and Addresses
  • Cruise Port Address and Terminal
  • Cruise Tickets
  • Park Opening Times
  • Universal Single Rider Lane Rides
  • Disney Rides To Book Virtual Queues
  • Drink Package Receipts
  • Shore Excursions
  • Specialty Dining Times and Bookings
  • Any Notes of Things To Remember or Look Out For

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Photo Credit, Sarah Christie, Cruising with Kids

Just click here or our image above to get your free planning guide printable, and drop us a comment to let us know how you get on planning your trip.


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