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How To Protect Your Children’s Skin From The Sun When Cruising

If you have cruised before you will know that being on-deck can be deceptive. The ocean breeze can make you feel cool and disguise the sensation of burning. But we want to enjoy the sun, for us it’s a highlight of any trip.

With this in mind we have a few hints and tips to protect  your children’s skin from the sun when cruising to allow you to enjoy the sun and get the best out of your cruise.

Stick to shaded areas when outside in the sun with children. Cruise lines recognise this and ensure many of their water parks are in the shade. However if you choose to spend time around a main pool find a shaded area.

Hats are essential but ensure they are snug fitting, if its windy on deck hats do have a habit of taking off. With this in mind always take a spare hat when cruising with kids.

When choosing sunglasses make sure they meet the British Standard (BSEN 1836:2005) and carry the CE mark to prevent sun damage to the eyes.

A 10 year old on the FlowRider on the Liberty of The Seas

We are all looking for the perfect and safest sunscreen for kids aren’t we?  Choose a great quality recommended sun cream to protect your children’s skin from the sun when cruising.

And with so many sun skin care brands available getting the right SPF protection is key.

To protect Your Children’s Skin From The Sun When Cruising use a sun care brand that offers children’s sun-care products, these are designed specifically for delicate skin.

Search reviews to find recommended sunscreen for babies, kids and toddlers. I swear by Bioderma Photoderm kid. Joe often gets allergic reactions to sun cream but I have found we can use this on him safe in the knowledge it will not react with his skin. And ensure the sun care brand has a good safety record and is a good quality product.

The minimum recommended factor is 15 but the higher the better, factor 50 gives far better protection.

Choose water resistant protection, kids love water!

Keep hydrated by always having a bottle of water handy and keeping it filled with cold fresh water.

Go for an easy to apply sun cream, kids hate having sun cream applied. FACT. Using a spray or mousse Bioderma sun cream saves so much time and tantrums. And always read the instructions; most sun creams require a settling period before you child can jump into the pool.

To fully protect  your children’s skin from the sun when cruising, don’t forget the easy to miss parts such as tops of feet, ears, back of neck and nose and re-apply at regular intervals.

Have a separate bag packed in your cabin with a hat, sunglasses, water bottle and sun protection spray to prevent you forgetting anything when getting off the ship on port days. There is not always shade available on excursions, planning ahead for this is vital.

 Protect Your Children's Skin From The Sun When Cruising

And what about sun protection for parents?

Using face sun protection is key to prevent the signs of early ageing. I find using a face Bioderma factor 50 cream under my makeup gives me protection. This is also perfect for thinning hair. I always have a small bottle of face protection cream in my bag in the summer so that Chris and I can keep well protected when out and about.

Rather than spending hours tanning use a sun protection which boosts biological tanning process, but also protects the skin from the harmful rays.

Don’t forget to apply your sun cream, an obvious one but sometimes we spend so much time trying to keep our children well protected from the sun that we forget ourselves.


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Kim Styles

Sunday 6th of May 2018

the Caribbean hopefully. later this year

Adrian Bold

Sunday 6th of May 2018

I’d like to cruise around the Caribbean. Thanks for the competition.

Donna W

Sunday 6th of May 2018

I've always wanted to go to the South Pacific.

Sandra Fortune

Sunday 6th of May 2018

Here in England on the North Coast

Eileen Tingle

Sunday 6th of May 2018

I'd go to Naples, always wanted to go.

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