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Let’s Discover the World’s Top 11 Current Largest Cruise Ships In the World. If you’re searching for information on the biggest cruise ships in the world, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take you on a virtual journey to discover the most massive and luxurious vessels that grace our oceans. These ships have breathtaking amenities,  awe-inspiring dimensions and carry a huge amount of passengers. We will delve into the fascinating world of these floating cities, ensuring you’re well-equipped with all the knowledge and stats about the world’s most colossal cruise ships just in case you want to sail on one.

 Join us as we set sail on an adventure to uncover the giants of the sea, making waves in the cruise industry. We are embarking on an exciting voyage to explore the world’s top 11 largest cruise ships in the world. Let our guide help you to decide which is the best cruise ship for you and your cruise vacation.

What are Royal Caribbean Biggest Ships At Sea
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

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What Are The World’s Top 12 Current Largest Cruise Ships In 2024?

How Big Is A Cruise Ship?

Cruise ships are HUGE, and of course; they come in all shapes and sizes. No one is prepared for just how big they are when they are when they first see them. The current largest cruise ship in the world has 18 decks and 24 guest elevators, weighs 236,857 gross tons and is 1,188 ft long

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 What is so special about a large cruise ship?

Cruise ships are floating cities with bars , restaurants, water slides, boardwalks and some even Go cart tracks. This and the added fun of exploring a new city every day can lead to the ultimate family vacation.

As Cruise ships are so large our advice is to spend the first day getting your bearings and working out where things are. Set up a meeting point so you can find friends and most important of all have fun!

Current List of Largest Cruise Ships in the world In 2024

Here are the Top 12 Current Largest Cruise Ships In 2024:

  • Icon of the Seas
  • Wonder Of The Seas (Icon of the Seas launches in 2024)
  • Symphony of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Allure Of The Seas
  • MSC World Europa
  • Costa Smeralda
  • Costa Toscana
  • P&O Arvia
  • P&O Iona
  • Aida Nova

The biggest ship in the World is Icon of the Seas

The most gian and biggestt cruise ship in the world in 2024 is Icon of the Seas, an icon-class Royal Caribbean ship that has just launched, and the reviews are excellent. Icon of the Seas is HUGE, at 250,800 GT, which also makes it the heaviest passenger cruise ship in the world. Additionally, she holds over 7000 passengers; this again is a world-beating number.

Royal Caribbean has also created one of the best-dedicated suite areas at sea, thus creating a ship within a ship feel plus a new reimagined Aqua Dome. Icon of the Seas has something to suit everyone, from dining bars to family activities and pools.

What are Royal Caribbean Biggest Ships
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Wonder Of The Seas

As of 2022, Wonder Of The Seas, an Oasis-Class Ship, was the biggest  Royal Caribbean cruise Ship, a whopping 236,857 tonnes and 1,188 feet long and holding 6,988 at total capacity. She also has 2300 crew members, a ratio of 3 passengers to each crew member. She has 7 neighbourhoods to explore with an indoor Central Park and even a Boardwalk with full size carousel on it. However, she will lose her crown in 2023 when the new ship Icon of the Seas launches.

What are the largest cruise ships in the world
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Symphony of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean international ship Symphony of the Seas closely follows Wonder of the Seas  as the second largest ship. At 228,081 Gross Tons and1,188 feet long. This ship is simply packed with a whole host of activities and facilities. On Symphony you can experience a full 10 story dry slide called the , a surf simulater machine called the flo rider and even a mini golf course to name but a few activities. It also has plenty of restaurants to choose from such as the Playmakers lounge and the magical Wonderland restaurant.

Symphony of the Seas.Aerial view of deck. What Is The Capacity Of Symphony Of The Seas? Royal Caribbean's Largest Ships
Photo Credit: Donna Vallance

Royal Caribbeans Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas was the second ship in the Royals Oasis class. Harmony of the Seas was the first in the Oasis class to feature the 10-Story Ultimate Abyss slide, which is located at the aft of the ship. Since then the slide has featured on new Oasis-class vessels and also been added to Oasis of the Seas during her refurbishment.

Harmony of the Seas can carry a whopping 6,687 passengers and weighs 226,963 tons! She continues in the Oasis Class line of Royal Carribbean class ships that have so far been taking the crown of the worlds largest cruise ships.

Harmony of the Seas in the sea
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas was the first ship in the Royal Caribbean Oasis class and once took the crown of the worlds Largest ship. The Oasis of the Seas ship was the first ship in the Royal Caribbean Oasis class and once took the crown of the worlds Largest ship and pushed the cruise industry to new heights never seen before. In 2019, Oasis of the Seas underwent a refurbishment, adding amenities found on newer Oasis-class ships. These included the FlowRider simulators, Perfect Storm waterslides, Ultimate Abyss, and Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade. Across the ship’s seven neighborhoods, you’ll also encounter cutting-edge technology like video walls, touchscreen signage, and VOOM, known as the fastest internet at sea.

Oasis Of The Seas Refurbishment
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Allure Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, which first set sail in 2010 is the cruise line’s second Oasis-class vessel, which underwent refurbishment in 2015. It accommodates 6,780 passengers and 2,200 crew members, offering 2,742 staterooms, seven neighborhoods, four pools, six whirlpools, 19 dining venues, and numerous bars and lounges. Entertainment options include an ice skating rink, a basketball court, a 10-deck-high zip line, two rock climbing walls, and two beloved FlowRider simulators. The ship also boasts the interactive H2O Zone Water Park for kids and Broadway productions like “Mamma Mia!” and aerial acrobatic performances in Oceanaria for adults. Additionally, conference facilities can host up to 1,394 guests for business purposes.

Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Ships Guides
Photo Credit: MSC

MSC World Europa 

MSC World Europa, the inaugural vessel of MSC Cruises’ MSC World-class fleet, made its highly anticipated debut in November 2022 . Remarkably, it represents MSC Cruises’ pioneering foray into LNG propulsion, capable of attaining a top cruising speed of 22.7 knots.

Distinguished by its futuristic design, both inside and out, the ship boasts a sprawling 295-foot-long promenade. This promenade is a unique blend of innovation, with half of it sheltered beneath the Meraviglia-class LED sky screens, while the other half provides open-air spaces offering stunning ocean vistas. MSC World Europa offers a total of 2,626 staterooms, accommodating up to 6,762 passengers, and is staffed by a dedicated team of 2,138 crew members. Adding a delightful touch, each passenger deck is named after a renowned international city, such as London, Paris, Lisbon, and Rome.

Noteworthy highlights encompass distinct themed zones, a serene Zen area featuring an adults-only pool, a lively family zone complete with bumper cars and rollerblading, and the fleet’s most extensive onboard water park. Younger cruisers can revel in the exhilarating 11-deck-high stainless steel tunnel slide at the ship’s core. To accommodate a wide array of performances and events, Luna Park Studio, the ship’s 300-seat multifunctional entertainment venue, stands ready to impress. The Europa sails around Europe throughout the year, with departures from various Mediterranean ports. Other notable large ships from MSC include the MSC Bellissima and the MSC Grandiosa which are part of MSC Meraviglia class ships.

MSC world Europa
MSC World Europa Photo Credit: MSC

Costa Smeralda

Costa Cruises’ largest cruise ship is the Smeralda. The Costa Smeralda, takes its name from Sardinia’s captivating Emerald Coast, stands as a remarkable achievement in modern cruise ship technology. Operated by the esteemed Italian cruise line Costa Cruises, this vessel represents the pinnacle of their fleet. It boasts an impressive 185,100 gross tonnage and dimensions measuring 337 meters in length and 42 meters in width. With a capacity to accommodate up to 6,554 passengers and a dedicated crew of 1,646 members, Costa Smeralda embarked on its inaugural voyage in December 2019, exclusively navigating the Mediterranean Sea.

This extraordinary ship has been meticulously designed, incorporating various sustainable technologies, transforming it into a veritable “Smart Floating City.” In addition to providing luxurious accommodations for its passengers, Costa Smeralda also champions environmental conservation by significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Costa Smeralda
Photo Credit: Costa Smeralda

Costa Toscana

Following the by Costa Smerelda is the Costa  Toscana, the newest cruise ship for Costa, which is 180,000 and has a length of 1,105ft. 

In 2022, the Costa Toscana, powered by LNG, assumed its role as the flagship vessel for the Italian cruise line. It marked a departure from the initial Costa ships that emerged when Carnival Corporation acquired the line in 2000, emphasizing a distinctly European and exceedingly luxurious ambiance.

One striking feature of the Costa Toscana is the clever utilization of color to distinguish its public spaces. For instance, one can readily discern the rich forest greens of the Kartell Caffe on Deck 8, situated amidships, or the vibrant fire-engine red of the aptly-named Campari Bar on Deck 7. Roaming the decks of the Costa Toscana is not just an exploration of the ship itself; it’s a voyage of discovery, unveiling the essence of Europe and Italy. On Deck 17, you’ll find the lively orange-themed Aperol Spritz bar, a collaboration with the iconic Italian brand that originated the famous drink in Venice during the 1920s.

P&O Arvia

P&O Arvia holds 5200 guests and have a crew of 1800. Arvia has a top deck mini golf and high-ropes course, pool and an swim-up bar. This revolutionary new ship Arvia even has its own distillery onboard. When the cruise ship is in the Caribbean it makes rum and whilst in the Mediterranean it distills gin! In fact It has many firsts! 

The primary attraction of this cruise ship lies in its numerous pioneering features, such as Altitude, an engaging activity area; Mission Control, an immersive escape room experience; Skywalk, a thrilling high-ropes adventure. Not to mention the Splash Valley, a water-based attraction; a dynamic sports arena; a swim-up bar for aquatic relaxation; and a mini-golf course. Notably, among P&O’s fleet, this ship surpasses its sister, IONA, in size, thus earning the distinction of being the largest cruise ship as of 2023.

P&O Iona

P&O Iona also holds 5200 guests and has a crew of 1800 Making it one of P&O’s largest cruise ships. As the sibling vessel to Arvia, Iona stands proudly as another splendid offering from P&O Cruises. She solidifies its position as one of the largest British cruise ships for the foreseeable future. Arvia and Iona share striking similarities, both epitomizing modernity and spaciousness, making them perfect choices for couples or families. While Iona may not offer the extensive array of features like rock climbing walls and surfing simulators found on Royal Caribbean ships, it excels in providing excellent kids’ clubs with a wealth of diverse activities.

P&O Iona Review and Photos
Photo Credit: P&O

Aida Nova

AIDA is a German brand under the Carnival umbrella. The largest AIDA cruise ship the Aida Nova, has 6,654 passengers and 1646 crew. And Aida Cosma Holds 6,600 passengers and 1646 crew.

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