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Packing Tips For Family Cruising

I am cruise mad, I really don’t think there is any else like standing on a balcony looking out to sea with the warm sea breeze in you face. It’s that feeling of freedom and peace being at sea gives you.

But getting there isn’t quite as straightforward. Like all family trips cruising takes a lot of packing and preparation.

For me that is all part off the excitement. Choosing the right dresses for formal evenings, packing plenty of sun lotion. And comfy shoes for port days. Oh I love cruise shopping, it has to be one of my favourite parts of planning a holiday.

Packing Tips For Cruising With Kids

There is so much to think about and prepare. Such as informing your credit card company you will be visiting multiple countries. We once had our cards stopped whilst on a cruise because we used it in 3 countries in 3 days. Informing your bank before hand will prevent this happening. Once you are at sea it is a pain to sort out, we spent quite some time on the phone to our bank and had a hefty phone charge.

Researching cruise ports, are you getting off at every port? Are you doing you own excursions or taking part in the pre arranged trips. Some are worth doing and can save a lot of time. Whilst some really are worth doing alone, and having an adventure.

A few things to consider packing for your cruise 

Water bottle’s for port days. Socks for onboard activities such as ice skating and rock climbing, Sock aren’t something you think to pack when you are looking forward to a week or 2 in sandals.  A small kit with toys, crayons and colouring books for quiet time in the cabin to keep little ones busy. I used to pack a meal time bag with colouring pencils and a book for meal times. We have a no electronics rule at meals times, and colouring or games of hangman keeps kids occupied between meals.

For more packing tips See more at Extraordinary Chaos

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Packing Guide and checklist for cruising with kids and teens taking into account port days and activities



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.