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Having just returned from a short cruise on the Regal Princess I am so excited to share a Regal Princess Ship Tour With Photos and review of our sailing. It’s difficult when you’re booking a cruise to decide which cruise ship and indeed cruise line to book. I looked everywhere for photos of the Regal Princess. There are a lot about, but not all in the same place. So thought it was a great idea to do a wander around the ship and get as many pictures as I can to share with you guys.

I love getting a feel for a ship before we set foot onboard it gives you an idea and feel for the ship before you sail. Also do check out our drink package guide with all the latest drinks menus, and dining guide to Regal Princess.

Regal Princess Photo Tour and Review

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Regal Princess Ship Tour With Photos

The Piazza On Regal Princess

Everything revolves around the grand Piazza on the Regal Princess, it’s the place you can go for a light snack, coffee, cocktails, to listen to music or a spot of shopping. There is something going on at all times of the day and night.

Yet its chameleon like, transforming from a chilled day time venue where you feel like you have all the time in the world. To the buzz of the evening atmosphere with live music and glitz and glamour. The Piazza on the Regal Princess always feels grand and opulent with it’s crystal chandeliers, grand piano, spiral staircases and fountains, however you never feel over or under dressed.

Regal Princess Tour, The Royal Promenade
Regal Princess Photo Tour, Royal Promenade
Grand Atrium on Princess
Grand Atrium

Shops And Boutiques

Situated on deck 7 the Regal Princess shops and boutiques offer a selection of gifts, clothes, jewelry, confectionery, perfume, makeup and crystal gifts. At the end of the shopping area you can head down the grand spiral staircase to the casino.

Shops on Regal Princess
Tour of Princess Cruise lines Regal Princess
Facets on Regal Princess
Stairs to the Casino

Bars On Regal Princess

The inside bars on the Regal Princess are spread out over decks 5,6 and 7. Crooners and the Wheelhouse Bar were our favourite 2 bars, offering a chilled out laid back environment with a pianist. Sometimes chilled piano music, or a quartet or sometimes songs from the American songbook. Whilst Bellinis is the perfect place for a pre dinner glass of fizz and vines for a great selection of wine.

The bar staff and service was great, they were knowledgeable when recommending wine and cocktails. I am one of those people who can never decide!

However you can also get served drinks and cocktails anywhere in the Piazza or the Princess Live Cafe bar along the side of the ship.

Wheelhouse Bar On Regal Princess
The Wheelhouse Bar Deck 7 Aft
Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar
Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar Deck 7 Midship
Photo Tour Or Regal Princess, Princess Live Bar
Princess Live Cafe Deck 7
Crooners Bars on Regal Princess
Crooners Bar Deck 7 Mid Ship
Crooners on Regal Princess
Crooners Bar Deck 7 Mid Ship
Cronner Bar On the Regal Princess
Cocktail In Crooners
Bellinis bar on Regal Princess
Bellinis Champagne Bar, Deck 6 Midship
Outside the Wheelhouse Bar on Regal Princess
Outside The Wheelhouse Bar Deck 7

Restaurants On Regal Princess

We were only onboard for 3 days so had to choose restaurants on the Regal Princess wisely. I wish we could have done so much more. We did try the Horizon Court buffet out once for breakfast, it was quiet, the food was tasty and it felt safe with handwashing on entry and food served to you, however it’s just not my thing.

The main dining rooms were glorious, with a wonderful choice of delicious meals, I did not eat one bad meal or indeed experience bad service once, you were made to feel special and drinks were kept topped up.

The International Cafe on Deck 5 is the perfect place for a light breakfast or lunch serving breakfast muffins, fruit and yoghurt pots, pastries, sandwiches and cakes.

Food On Regal Princess

Dining Options Onboard The Regal Princess

Dining Included In The Price Of Your Princess Cruise

  • Allegro Restaurant, Deck 6 Aft
  • Concerto, Deck 6 Midship
  • Prego Pizza, Deck 16 Forward
  • Trident Grill, Deck 16 Forward
  • Horizon Court Buffet, Deck 16 Aft
  • International Cafe, Deck 5 Midship
  • Symphony, Deck 5 Midship
  • Room Service
  • Ocean Medallion App Dining

If you don’t fancy dining in a restaurant the Horizon Cafe has plenty of options and if you head to the back there is a wonderful wake view with outside seating.

Atrium, International  Cafe

For quick snacks you can head to the International Cafe, I highly recommend the breakfast muffins and fruit. Or check out the Pizza, Burgers, Tacos and Cheesy Fries at the pool deck. You can also get free ice cream on the pool deck.

For balcony dining rooms service has a choice of included and extra options. However with the new Ocean Medallion App you can also order food to whenever you are on the ship. We did try to do this but the app was unable to locate us, however were able to speak to a member of staff who put in the order for us.

On a side note, the internet was fabulous and worked consistently, it knocks you off after each use so you have to reconnect every time you use it. But the connection was the best I have experienced at sea so far.

Symphony Dining Room, MDR on Regal Princess

Speciality Dining Options On The Regal Princess

  • Alfredos, Deck 6 Midship
  • Sabatini’s Italian, Deck 5 Forward
  • Crown Grill, Deck 7 Aft
  • Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar, Deck 7 Midship
  • Gelato Ice Cream Bar

We never got time to dine at Sabatini’s but I so regret that now, there is only so much you can eat on a 3 day cruise. However reports coming back were that the food was fabulous.

Sabatinis on Regal Princess

Although we never sat and ate in the Ocean Terrace we had sushi in our room and in the Vista Lounge and it was delicious, I will be earmarking a visit on our next cruise.

Champagne and canapes on balcony

The Crown Grill was spectacular, we are both fussy about how our steak is cooked. There’s nothing worse than overcooked steak is there? But it was perfect, and the lobster was tender and tasty.

For an extra $20 dollars plus a supplement of $10 for the surf and turf it was worth every penny. Every course was divine and the service incredible, thus it is a restaurant I can’t wait to visit again.

Surf and Turf in the crown grill

Outside Decks On Regal Princess

We were lucky on our sailing that the captain managed to find the sun, we had one windy but sunny day on deck and one gorgeous balmy hot day.

The Regal Princess
View of the sea

There’s a walking, jogging track on deck 18 where 7 laps equate to 1 mile, this is a great place to go after breakfast for a brisk walk, you also get a great view of the ship from key areas on deck.

Walking and running track on regal princess
Walking and running track on Regal Princess
Keeping fit on your Cruise
Sports Deck, Deck 18 on Regal Princess

You will also find a sports court, mini golf and exercise area on deck 17. I would say not enough for our teens who are sport mad, but this is a hard one to judge as there were no kids on teens onboard to witness organised activities, but I suspect they may have got a little bored. (They loved Princess when they were little)

Although there are dedicated areas for teens, including a super cool sunbathing area so I may be wrong on this score. However with no port days a cruise is a very different experience, and with kids and teens onboard cruises just seem a little more alive and upbeat. This sailing was more about relaxation.

Sky Walk on Regal Princess
Sky Walk on Deck 16, Lido Deck

One thing they would have loved is the SeaWalk I suppose it is a simple concept but an engineering feat, having a glass bottomed walk that stretches out over the sea. It was fabulous, and so interesting as some people just couldn’t walk on it at all.

The SeaWalk is something you need to see day, night from the side and below as its really is truly beautiful. I sound like such a geek! But it really is a wonderful addition to the ship.

Sky Walk on Regal Princess
Sky walk Looking Up  from deck 7
Sky Walk by Night On Princess Cruises

The Promenade Deck On The Regal Princess

I adore a wander on the Promenade deck after lunch or dinner, I find it’s less windy and sometimes you just want to get outside and look at the horizon. The deck is not a wraparound deck, but has doors all the way along so you can do a sort of loop if you cross a corridor at either end on the ship.

Deck 7 promenade on Regal Princess
Deck 7 Promenade Deck

Pools On Regal Princess

The deck area was plentiful with lots of space to relax, however on a hot sunny day because no one was getting off the ship the main areas were packed, saying that the atmosphere was great and you could find quieter spots around the side of the ship.

But we chose to pay and seek a little tranquility in the Sanctuary which for $20 for half a day, I would thoroughly recommend. It was worth every penny to have a lounger overlooking the ocean, a space in the sun and a more personalised service. It doesn’t have a pool but is next to the Retreat Pool should you wish to have a dip, the pool is only a few steps away.

Terrace Pool

The terrace pool is at the back of the ship and is a great place to chill, it can get busy but not as busy as the main pool. If you are not worried for swimming and just grateful of somewhere to dip and cool down, then for me this is the perfect spot.

Terrace Pool on Deck 17 Aft, on Regal Princess
Terrace Pool on Deck 17 Aft, on Regal Princess

Retreat Pool

The Retreat Pool is Regal Princess adult only area, it really is a chilled out area, the main pool is a little louder with more going on, however the retreat is a perfect place to get away from that. It just feels a little more grown up and relaxed with a more sculpted, contemporary look.

The Retreat Pool deck 17 forward
The Retreat Pool Deck 17 Forward
The Retreat Adults Only Area Deck 17 Forward
The Retreat Adults Only Area Deck 17 Forward

The Fountain Pool and Movies Under The Stars

The main pool is a buzzing area with a great atmosphere, there always seems to be something going on. With hot tubs dotted all around decks 16 and up on 17 a main pool and a smaller pool with shallow areas which is perfect for families. There’s always music, everyone is smiling and happy and it’s what cruising is all about, because we were at sea you had to be up early to get a spot, which is not my bag.

However on a regular cruise I can imagine it all being pretty fluid as it is a big space with lots of seating. When people have more to do, there is always more space so this wouldn’t put me off.

The Fountain Pool and Movies Under The Stars
The Fountain Pool and Movies Under The Stars
Pool Deck And Fountains

By night the pool transforms to a fountain show, and night time outdoor movie theatre. Although there are movies showing all day, there’s something special about grabbing a blanket and packet of popcorn and snuggling for a movie. I would also highly recommend the fountain show.

Fountain show on Regal Princess
Fountain show on Regal Princess

The Sanctuary Area

The Sanctuary area is glorious, with chilled out music, it’s a quieter more opulent area at the front of the ship, where you can go to get pampered. We booked in for an afternoon and paid $20 per person for half a day.

A Break Down Of The Sanctuary Prices

  • $20 for a half day per person
  • $40 for a full day, per person.
  • Sanctuary Cabanas are available beginning at $140 for a half day or $220 for a full day which includes a fully stocked mini-bar with waters and soda, as well as a choice of alcoholic options, including beer or wine.
The Sanctuary, Deck 17 forward
The Sanctuary, Deck 17 Forward
The Sanctuary area on Regal Princess
Gazebo For Cooling Off In The Sanctuary
Cabanas in the Sanctuary Regal Princess

The Entertainment

If I am honest it wasn’t my thing at all, we had booked before it was announced we were on a comedy cruise, which just isn’t something that excites me nor are Mr and Mrs Games shows. However this is personal choice and i’m sure many enjoyed this.

I am more a theatre kinda gal and was gutted we missed the cruise without an event or the culinary cruise. However as it was only 3 nights it didn’t feel a big deal, any longer would have been. We spent time drinking cocktails and watching movies under the stars. I just wish I had know to make a different date choice.

In Conclusion, Did We Enjoy Our Cruise On Regal Princess?

I can’t tell you how much we missed cruising, however I am guessing if you got this far you have too. The cruise was wonderful, the Princess staff as always were faultless. They worked so hard, we never waited long for drinks and despite not using the app to order never struggled to order drinks with staff either.

Regal Princess Review

We were blessed with the weather so got to enjoy a little time on deck and you could just tell that everybody onboard was so grateful for this. The food was wonderful, oh how I missed cruise restaurants and service.

Would I cruise with Princess again, yes depending on the sailing, Seacations are easy to do so would definitely do anther, especially now we are at a stage where the boys are older and we plan to cruise more just the two of us. However if we were taking the boys it would need to be a sailing with ports or more sunshine for deck activities, they need that to be motivated and happy.

For all the latest Princess sailings check out the Princess website.

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Regal Princess Photo Tour and Review


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    • But there is also a paddle area around the edge which I prefer just to cool my feet.


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