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Guide To Princess Cruises Drinks Packages

A LOT has changed with Princess Cruise Drinks packages lately as Princess Cruises have introduced the new Premier Package. The Premier Package is higher tier drink package that will sit above the Princess Plus drinks package. I will be honest I am on the fence about this one. However we do use speciality dining but that doesn’t make the numbers work, it’s all the other extras that will make the big difference, and of course we are yet to see how Princess Prizes is going to work, intrigued? Grab a cuppa and scroll on down to check out the in’s and out’s of the new Princess Cruises Drinks Packages and the 2022 changes are?

Also see our Princess Cruises Drinks Bar Menus post, which menus and drinks prices from many of the bars on Regal Princess, these are 2021 prices but will give you a guide.

Drinks package on Princess Cruises

The Princess Cruises Drinks Packages Ultimate Guide.

What Princess Drinks Packages Are Available As of June 2022?

  • Princess Premier Package, $79.99, £60 pp, per day, 18% service charge.
  • Princess Plus Beverage Package, $59.99 or £40 pp, per day, plus 18% service charge.
  • Premier Coffee & Soda Package, $19.99/ £16.98 USD pp per day, plus 18% service charge.
  • Classic Soda Package, $9.99/ £8.49 pp, per day, plus 18% service charge.
  • New Grounds Coffee Package, onboard prepaid coffee card.
Ocean Medallion  Drinks Packages

Princess Cruises Alcoholic Drinks Packages

Princess cruises now offers a choice of 2 alcoholic drinks packages with the introduction of the Premier Package, which is actually the name of the old package before Premier Plus came along. The premier plus is now the Princess Package.

Princess Premier Beverage Package

The Premier Beverage Package is the new kid on the block in the Princess offering and costs $79.99, £60 pp, per day, 18% service charge. It also offers extras such as 2x speciality dining vouchers the photo package.

Whats Included in The Princess Premier Beverage Package

  • Top shelf spirits, reserve wines by the glass and new high-end crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd
  • Selection of 75+ spirits, 40+ wines by the glass, 20+ high-end, crafted cocktails
  • Premier wines by the glass, including Cloudy Bay, Hartford Court, Grgich Hills and Freemark Abbey
  • Private Woodford Reserve Bourbon Selection created exclusively for Princess
  • Personalized Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Single Barrel Select
  • All Drinks are (drinks up to $18 each)
  • 25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages)
  • 25% discount on large bottles of water and cans of soda
  • Wi-Fi (up to 4 devices per guest)
  • Crew appreciation (Gratuities)
  • 2 speciality dining meals per guest
  • Photo package (unlimited digital copies + 3 prints)
  • Princess Prizes
Cruise Embarkation Day Tips, Princess Drinks Packages 2022 including the new Premier Beverage Package

What’s included in the Photo Package?

The Photo Package includes all the digital photos of all guests in a stateroom for photos from your sailing, Including 3rd and 4th guests. The package also includes three physical prints of 8×10 size per guest which must be redeemed onboard at the Photo Gallery. The photo package does not apply to Platinum Studio, weddings, portraits or group special events.

Can the photo package be purchased separately?
Yes, the retail value of the photo package is $125.00 USD.

Multi-Device Wi-Fi

This allows every passenger to access in the stateroom to access WI-FI on up to 4 devices each.

What Is Princess Prizes

Princess Prizes is your chance to win prizes cash to free cruises. To play you simply open your stateroom door, and watch your door portal to see if you’ve won. One in five tries wins, and also you have unlimited spins while the casino is open! Prizes range from onboard spending money from $5 to $250, wine tasting onboard, Chef’s Table Lumiere, free cruises, and the ultimate grand prize of $100,000 cash!

Cocktails on Princess Cruises

Princess Plus Beverage Package

The Princess plus beverage package costs $59.99 or £40 pp, per day, plus 18% service charge.. This is what we have known as the only drinks package for the last couple of years. I have seen a lot of chattering about the value of the drink, $12 going down. However it hasn’t, it was always $12 so this package remains much the same, apart from a price increase of £10pp per day.

However, this in my opinion is still great value, especially when you work out cocktails, wine with diner, coffee and water or soft drinks you will drink in a day.

Whats Included In The Princess Plus Beverage Package

  • Cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, specialty coffees fountain sodas, water to go, juices, fruity mocktails and crafted cocktails.
  • 50 spirits, 25 wines by the glass, 25 beers, all specialty coffees & non- alcoholic drinks
  • 25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages)
  • 25% discount on large bottles of water and cans of soda
  • All drinks are (drinks up to $12 each)
  • Wi-Fi (1 device per guest)
  • Crew appreciation

How Much Is The Princess Cruises Premier Drinks Package?

The Princess Cruises Premier Drinks Package costs $59.99/£46.07 per person, per day, plus an additional 18% gratuity or service charge. This is the same price as Celebrity Cruises Classic Package, which is their entry level package.

Can I use My Princess Cruises Drinks Packages In The Restaurants?

Princess Cruises Non Alcoholic Drinks Packages

Premier Coffee & Soda Package

The premier coffee and soda package allows you to enjoy premium and specialty coffees and teas. But also fountain sodas, fruit juices, hot chocolate and mocktails for your entire cruise.

How Much Is The Princess Cruises Premier Non Alcoholic Drinks Packages?

The Premier Coffee & Soda Package is $19.99/ £16.98 USD* per person, per day, plus an additional 18% gratuity or service charge.

What Drinks Are Included In The Princess Cruise Premier Coffee & Soda Packages?

It includes all, specialty or premium coffees and teas, hot chocolate, fountain sodas, fresh juices, Gong Cha items, Frappes at Coffee & Cones, mocktails, and smoothies from the menu, Red Bull and Milk Shakes (if available).

Your package will also include one souvenir tumbler based on availability and while stocks last.

Like the premier alcoholic package, the non alcoholic drinks package also provides a 25% discount on bottles of water, canned items and bottled juices.

Premier Non Alcoholic Drinks Package?

The Classic Soda Package

How Much Are The Princess Cruises Classic Soda Drinks Packages?

The Classic Soda Package costs $9.99/ £8.49 per person, per day, plus an additional 18% gratuity or service charge.

What Drinks Are Included In The Princess Classic Soda Package ?

The Princess Cruises Classic Drinks Package includes all fountain sodas, fruit juices, mocktails and smoothies. It also includes one souvenir tumbler based on availability and while stocks last.

Ocean Medallion benefits

New Grounds Coffee Package

The New Grounds Coffee Package allows you to purchase of a specified number of specialty coffees during the voyage of purchase. If you are a fan of speciality coffee’s but not enough to warrant a drinks package then this is the package for you.

Guests are able to redeem their chosen number of specialty coffees purchased in their package in locations onboard where espresso is available. The coffee package is available to purchase onboard.

Coffee Package onboard Princess cruises

Frequently Asked Questions About Princess Cruises Drinks Packages.

Can I Order Drinks With My Ocean Medallion?

The Ocean Medallion gives you on demand beverage delivery, guests will be able to order drinks on and have them delivered throughout the ship and to your stateroom and sun loungers. This is a game changer if you have kids who don’t want to leave the pool. You can use your Princess Cruises Drinks Package to order through your Ocean Medallion however there is a charge for room service drinks.

Can I Use My Princess Cruises Drinks Packages In The Restaurants?

Yes your packages can be used in all food and beverage venues and the theatre. However selections may differ in each venue’s menu. When dining in the specialty restaurants a 1 ltr bottle of still of sparkling water will be covered in your package.

You can also use your drinks packages on Princess private islands.

Are There Any Limitations With The Princess Drinks Package?

Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 drinks in every 24-hour period (6 a.m. to 6 a.m.). Alcoholic drinks requested above this daily limit are at the discretion of the shipboard management and crew and charged at the menu price.

However non-alcoholic drinks don’t have a limit, nor do they count toward the maximum. So rest assured you can drinks soft drinks and smoothies to your hearts content.

What Is The Legal Drinking Age On Princess Cruises?

When sailing from North America, the legal drinking age on Princess Cruises is 21. However, when sailing from Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand, the legal drinking age is 18.

Can I Share My Drinks Package?

Packages can’t be shared, additionally you can only buy 1 drink at a time.

Can I Bring Alcohol On A Princess Cruise?

Yes, each passenger is permitted to bring one bottle of wine or champagne up to 750 ml per sailing. You will be charged a $15 corkage fee for any additional bottles brought onboard.

What are The Prices Of Drinks On Princess Cruises By The Glass?

These are the drinks menus from our 2021 cruise to give you an idea of Princess Drinks Prices and bar menus.

  • Chilled Vodka $5.50-$7.25
  • Premium Martinis $8.95
  • Champagne and Sparkling Wine $7.75 – $17.50
  • White Wine $9.00 – $14
  • Red Wine $7.75 – $16
  • Scotch $8 -$25
  • Beer $6.25 -$10
  • Mocktails $5.50
Drinks menus from Princess Cruises 2021 sailing
Bar menus from Princess Cruises 2021 sailing

What Are The Prices Of Cocktails On Princess Cruises For The 2021 Season?

Cocktail prices range from $5.50 to $10.00 scroll down to see a selection of cocktail menus. Or a brief selection of cocktail prices on Princess Cruises in the list below.

  • Ultimate Bloody Mary $8.50
  • Aperol Spritz $7.75
  • Negroni $9.50
  • Bahama Mama $9.75
  • Strawberry Daiquiri $8.75
  • Pina Colada $8.75
  • Hawaiian Tropics $7.75
  • Sour Apple Martini $10.00

Drinks Menus And Prices On Princess Cruises From 2021 Sailings.

Cocktail Prices On Princess
How much are cocktails on Princess Cruises
Frozen Cocktail Menu on Princess Cruises
Cocktail Menus on Princess Cruises

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Princess Cruises Drinks Packages all about the alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks package.

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Saturday 26th of March 2022

Hi ,do you know if drinks in the good spirit bar on enchanted princess are included in the drinks package


Monday 17th of January 2022

Thanks for the helpful information, we will be on our first Princess cruise 1/31/22.


Tuesday 8th of February 2022

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