Guide To Royal Caribbean Royal Up And How It Works?


Today we are going to look at Royal Caribbeans Royal Up and how to bid to upgrade your cruise stateroom to a higher category or suite. Royal Up is a program offered by a Royal Caribbean third party, that allows guests to bid on upgrades to higher stateroom categories. Thus is available to guests who have already booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean, but would like to potentially upgrade their accommodations to a higher category. 

Royal Up is usually available once your final bill has been paid. However there is no rhyme of reason to when in that time frame. Being invited to place a Royal Caribbean Royalup bid in our experience it has been different for different sailings. It’s also important to mention that as this is a 3rd party service that Royal Caribbean subcontract out and as such they have nothing the do with the process.

What you need to know about bidding for a cruise cabin upgrade on Royal Caribbeans Royal Up
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Here’s How The RoyalUp Program Works

Eligibility To RoyalUp To Upgrade Your Stateroom

Guests who have booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean are eligible to participate in the Royal Up program, provided they have not already received an upgrade or are not already in a higher stateroom category. We believe cruisers who book through Costco are also not eligable.

Not all sailings and stateroom categories are eligible for the program, so guests should check their royal up email invitation or log in to their Royal Caribbean account to see if their sailing is included. You can also log in the Royal Up page, simply pop in your surname and reservation id to find out if you are eligible to bid for an upgrade. 

How to do a RoyalUp upgrade with Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cabin Stateroom Categories Available 

Check out our in-depth cruise cabin guide, but here is a brief overview of some of the cabins and suite category grades available for a cabin upgrade with Royal Up.

Interior Staterooms

Are the most affordable staterooms on the ship and feature no window or balcony. They come in a variety of sizes, some accomodate families up to 6.

Oceanview Staterooms

These staterooms have a window or porthole that provides views of the ocean. They come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate up to 6 guests.

Balcony Staterooms

These staterooms feature a private balcony with seating, allowing passengers to enjoy the ocean views and fresh air. They come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate up to 6 guests.

Family Connected Staterooms

These staterooms are made up of two separate staterooms that are connected by a door. They are designed to accommodate families and can accommodate up to eight guests.

Accessible Staterooms

Royal Caribbean offers staterooms designed to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities, including wider doors, grab bars, and other accessibility features. These staterooms come in a variety of categories, including interior, oceanview, balcony, and suite staterooms

Junior Suites

These staterooms are larger than balcony staterooms and feature a sitting area, a full bathroom with bathtub, and a balcony. They can accommodate up to four guests.

Grand Suites

Are even larger than junior suites and feature a separate living room, a larger balcony, and upgraded amenities such as a Nespresso coffee maker and luxury bath products. They can accommodate up to four guests. 

Owner’s Suites

Are luxurious and spacious on the ship and feature a separate living area, a dining area, a large balcony, plus upgraded amenities such as a personal concierge and priority boarding. They can accommodate up to four guests. But also have 2 bedroom versions too.

Royal Suites

Are larger than Owner’s Suites and feature two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining area, a large balcony and upgraded amenities such as a personal concierge, priority boarding and disembarkation, and access to exclusive areas of the ship.

Family Suites

Are designed to accommodate families and feature separate sleeping areas for parents and children, a living room, and a private balcony. Family Suites also offer upgraded amenities such as priority check-in and disembarkation, luxury bath products, and a complimentary concierge service.

The Ultimate Family Suite

These are the most luxurious family suites on Royal Caribbean ships, featuring two floors of living space, a private balcony with a slide and hot tub, a separate kids’ bedroom with a play area, and upgraded amenities such as a personal Royal Genie, priority boarding and disembarkation, and access to exclusive areas of the ship.

The Royal Loft Suite

This is one of the most luxurious accommodations on RCCL Oasis-class ships. And include two floors of living space. With a living area and bedroom on the first floor and a sleeping area on the second floor.

Ultimate Family Suite Symphony of the Seas, bidding for a Royal Up

Things To Consider Before Placing A Royal Up Bid

Book A Cabin Category You Are Happy With

It’s important to note that placing a bid through the Royal Up program does not guarantee an upgrade. Availability is limited and based on a variety of factors. However, it does provide guests with the opportunity to potentially secure a higher stateroom category at a discounted price. But we would suggest always booking a cabin you are happy with in the first instance. Then a Royal Up is a bonus. 

Balcony Cabin On Odyssey of the Seas
Balcony Cabin On Odyssey of the Seas

Consider Family Members And Friends

If you are traveling with family and friends in different cabins, ie connecting staterooms. They will not be able to move with you. For example kids in connecting rooms! This is considered a separate booking so in theory can’t move to suite with you.

However if you are happy they may not get suite benefits they could in theory stay in your suite if there is room for extra passengers. But this all depends on the checking in staff when you arrive at the port. And if your upgraded cabin sleeps 4!

Be Aware Of The Pitfalls

You dont get to choose a specific cabin. That means you could be given a cabin with an obstructed view, or under the buffet restaurant. You have to accept the risk when upgrading. 

If you are upgrading to a suite or jnr suite check out the locations on the deck plan first to see if you would be happy with the locations before placing your bid.

However You Could Also Luck Out A Be Upgraded To A Suite

And be upgraded to Sea Class, Sky Class or Star Class. These come with lots of extra benefits for cruisers, we have a full suite class guide. However these are just some of the perks of suite class.

  • Sea Class, Coastal Kitchen Dinner
  • Sky Class, Coastal Kitchen for all meals, internet package, private lounge, concierge service.
  • Star Class, Coastal Kitchen for all meals, internet package, private lounge, Royal Genie, Specialty Restaurants, Beverage Package. 
Royal suite class sun deck bar and smoking area onboard Symphony of the Seas
Royal suite class sun deck bar and smoking area onboard Symphony of the Seas

You Can’t Change Your Mind Once Your Bid Is Accepted

If you don’t like the cabin you get upgraded to you can’t change it. Be mindfull of this when booking. You can cancel a bid or change it before its been accepted. But you cant after.

We have seen people spend hours on the phone trying to change a Royal Up with no success. The terms and conditions say you can’t go back once your bid is accepted. 

The Bidding Process For RoyalUp Upgrades

Once a guest has received an email invitation, they can log in to the Royal Up account to view the stateroom categories available for upgrade and place their bid.

Royal Caribbean Royal Up Bidding

Some Of The Categories The May Be Available To Bid On?

Its important to note that the cabins may not actually always be available. Its more like a waitlist incase anyone drops up.

  • Star Class Suites Such As Grand Loft Suites
  • Aquatheater  Suite
  • Owners Suite
  • Grand Suite
  • Junior Suite
  • Balcony Cabins
  • Outside Cabins

Guests can bid on upgrades for one or multiple staterooms in their reservation, and can place different bids for each stateroom. Bids can be placed up to 48 hours prior to the sail date.

These Is Not Set Bid Amount

Bid amounts very and every passenger gets different amounts. We know this from our last sailing.  Guests can choose to bid any amount they like for the upgrade, but Royal Caribbean provides a suggested minimum bid and maximum bid range based on the difference in cost between the original stateroom and the upgraded stateroom. Guests can bid anywhere within or above the suggested range. 

The bids are only applicable to the first two people in your cruise cabin. Everyone gets to upgrade. But you only pay for the first two guests.

How to bit on a Royal Up upgrade for your next cruise

Also when you place your bid be sure to add your credit card details correctly as we know people who have lost upgrade from putting the wrong details in. 

You Then Receive Notification Of Your Royal Caribbean Royal Up Offer 

As soon as you please your bid, you receive notification of you bid offer. And you can log into this at any time to view or change. After the bidding window closes, all bids will be reviewed and determine which upgrades are awarded based on availability.

There are different theories on how this is awarded however we have seen people achieve an upgrade on a minimum bid when others have bid higher for the same cabin.

Being Notified Of Your Winning Royal Up Bid

Guests will be notified via email if their upgrade has been accepted or if they have been unsuccessful. If a guest’s bid is accepted, they will be charged the bid amount plus any applicable taxes and fees onto the card given. If a guest’s bid is not accepted, they will remain in their originally booked stateroom.

Guide To Royal Caribbean Upgrade Royal Up

When Will You Be Notified Of A Successful Bid?

Again this varies wildly. We know of some who have been updated weeks before. Yet some as the ship sails out of port. So keep an eye on you emails. If we haven’t heard on sail-away day, I always cancel my bid as I don’t want to unpack twice. But thats personal choice.

Grand Suite Royal Caribbean

Being Upgraded To A Suite On A Royal Caribbean Cruise Offers Many Benefits, Including:

  1. More Space, Suites on Royal Caribbean ships are typically larger than standard cabins and offer more living space, including separate sleeping and living areas. This means you’ll have plenty of room to relax and enjoy your vacation.
  2. Exclusive Amenities, Suite guests on Royal Caribbean ships  can enjoy a range of exclusive amenities, such as priority boarding and departure, a dedicated concierge, access to private lounges and restaurants, and complimentary specialty dining.
  3. Enhanced Comfort, Suites often feature luxurious amenities like larger balconies, upgraded bedding, and larger bathrooms with whirlpool tubs, making your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.
  4. Personalized Service, With a dedicated concierge at your service, you can expect personalized attention and assistance throughout your cruise, including help with booking shore excursions, spa treatments, and other activities.
  5. VIP Access, Suite guests may also receive VIP access to onboard events and entertainment, as well as priority seating in theaters and other venues.
  6. Extra Perks, Some suite packages on Royal Caribbean ships may include additional perks such as complimentary drinks, unlimited Wi-Fi, and even free spa treatments or excursions.

In conclusion the Royal Caribbean, Royal Up program is a fabulous chance to bid for a cruise cabin upgrade  of a higher category. However this is not a fail safe way to get an upgrade. Less people dont get upgrades, than those who do. So book a cabin you are happy with and if you get un upgrade see it as a bonus. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Royal Caribbean Royal Up

What is Royal Up, and how does it work?

Royal Up is a program offered by Royal Caribbean that allows guests to bid on stateroom upgrades. Guests can bid on an upgrade to a higher category stateroom and potentially receive the upgrade if their bid is accepted.

How do I participate in Royal Up?

To participate in Royal Up, guests will receive an email invitation from Royal Caribbean with instructions on how to bid on a stateroom upgrade.

Can I bid on a stateroom upgrade if I already have a booked reservation?

Yes, guests with an existing reservation can bid on a stateroom upgrade through the Royal Up program.

How much does it cost to participate in Royal Up?

There is no cost to participate in the Royal Up program. Guests can place a bid on a stateroom upgrade for free.

How do I know if my bid for a stateroom upgrade was accepted?

Guests will receive an email notification from Royal Caribbean if their bid for a stateroom upgrade is accepted.

When can I place a bid for a stateroom upgrade through Royal Up?

Bidding for a stateroom upgrade through Royal Up typically opens around 45 days before the sailing date.

Is there a limit to how many times I can bid on a stateroom upgrade through Royal Up?

Yes, guests can only bid on a stateroom upgrade through Royal Up once per sailing. They can however make multiple bids on seperate cabins on one sailing. And also ament those bids.

Can I choose which stateroom I will be upgraded to through Royal Up?

No, guests cannot choose the specific stateroom they will be upgraded to through Royal Up. The stateroom upgrade will be based on availability and the amount of the bid.

What happens if my bid for a stateroom upgrade is not accepted?

If a bid for a stateroom upgrade is not accepted, guests will remain in their originally booked stateroom.

Is Royal Up available on all Royal Caribbean sailings?

No, Royal Up is not available on all Royal Caribbean sailings. It is offered on a limited number of sailings and is subject to availability.


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