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I have recently enjoyed a short ship visit exploring Ambassador Ambition. One thing I found pre cruise was there are not many ship photos, and I am a cruiser who likes to know everything about a ship before I cruise. So there must be others like me who like to get a visual picture of a ship before they set sail.

Unlike some larger cruise lines, Ambassador Cruise Line’s ships are more compact, creating a chilled atmosphere for travellers. This personalised setting allows guests to enjoy various amenities, including entertainment, excellent service, and exceptional cuisine. So grab a cuppa and enjoy a little tour of Ambassador Ambition.

Ambassador Ambition Ship Photos

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About Ambassador Cruise Line

Ambassador Cruise Line, a British cruise company based in Purfleet, England, set sail in May 2021 with their flagship ship, Ambassador Ambience. This relatively new company has swiftly established itself as a great value cruise line, providing unique port experiences to its passengers.

About Ambassador Ambition.

Ambassador Ambition was built in 1999 as Costa neoRiviera until December 2019, then AIDAmira until January 2022. She was bought, rebranded and refit in 2023 and Ambassador Ambition. She is a petite ship at 48,123GT, which is tiny compared to many Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Ships. But this has bonuses, such as the ship being easy to navigate and get around. Plus can get into more intimate ports. She has 679 cabins holding up to 1200 guests and a guest-crew ratio of 2.55-1.

Ambassador Ambition Ship Photos

The Pool Deck

The two pools were only partially full during our visit, likely due to the sea conditions. However, the space was bright and cheerful. With a couple of hot tubs and sunbeds dotted around, again, these were not all out but ready on the sidelines to go in case of a change of weather.

The deck was turfed with faux grass and had a lovely vibe, with pod, sofa areas and a comfy chair plus bar to chill at on a sunny day on deck.

Pool on Ambassador Ambition
Pool Deck on Ambassador Ambition
Seating areas around the pool
Pool area

Bars On Ambassador Ambition

Ambassador Ambition has 8 bars onboard. The bar staff were quick, efficient and friendly we never had to wait long for drinks. Some of the bars were themed, which was a nice nod to UK towns and cities, and the decor was brightly coloured but tasteful.

  1. Pendennis Bar, Deck 5
  2. Purple Turtle Wine Bar, Deck 5
  3. The Palladium, Deck 5
  4. Clifton Lounge, Deck 6
  5. The Angel Bar, Deck 6
  6. The Cavern, Deck 7
  7. Consulate Bar (Weather Permitting), Deck 11
  8. The Pool Bar (Weather Permitting), Deck 11
The Cavern bar and lounge in Ambassador Ambition
The Cavern bar and lounge on Ambassador Ambition
The Cavern, Ambassador Ambition Photo Tour
The Angel Bar on Ambassador Ambition
The Angel Bar
The Clifton Bar
The Clifton Lounge
Purple Turtle Wine and champagne bar on ambassador ambition
Purple Turtle Wine and Champagne Bar
Wine bar
Wine bar seating area

Drinks Prices On Ambassador Cruise Lines

Drinks are pretty reasonable onboard; some of the cocktails were quite small but delicious; however, it worked out in terms of the prices of cocktails on other cruise lines, which cost a lot more. Soda and mixers are charged on top. I was charged £8.85 for a wine and soda, so I am guessing that was for a large wine and £1.25 for soda.

Drinks Prices On Ambassador Ambition

  • Heineken 330ml, £3.55
  • Guinness 440 ml £4.25
  • Strongbow Pint £5.45
  • Kir Royal £5.45
  • Pina Colada £6.00
  • Aperol Spritz £5.45
  • White Wine 250ml £7.60, 125 ml £3.85
  • Disaronno 40ml £4.25
  • Irish Coffee £4.50
  • Bombay Saphire £4.95
  • Cappuccino £2.25
  • Diet Coke 330ml £2.55
The Angel Bar Drinks Menu
The Angel Bar Drinks Menus

Dining And Restaurants On Ambassador Ambition

You will find seven restaurants onboard, three of which are Speciality—offering great value.

Free Dining on Ambassador Ambition

  1. Borough Market Buffet Restaurant
  2. Buckingham Restaurant
  3. Holyrood Restaurant
  4. Alfresco Pizza and Grill

Speciality Dining on Ambassador Ambition

  1. Lupinos Al Fresco Dining ( £14.90 per person)
  2. Saffron Indian (Speciality £16.90 per person)
  3. Chefs Table in the Buckingham Restaurant( Speciality costs £89.90 with wine included)

We dined in the Holyrood restaurant and the Borough Market Buffet. The food was great, and the staff were very attentive, ensuring I had gluten-free options which tasted delicious.

The Alfresco Grill
Safron specialty Dining
Safron Speciality Dining
Safron Restaurant on Ambassador Ambition
Lupinos Outside grill
Lupinos Outside Grill
Outside Dining Area
Outside Dining Area
Breakfast with a wake view
Holyrood Dining Areas
Holyrood Dining Areas
Fish Starter in the Holyrood Dining Room
Fish Starter in the Holyrood Dining Room
Lamb Main Course

My Inside Cabin On Ambassador Ambition

I stayed in an inside cabin, and I have to say I loved the cabin. It was simple but stylish, had everything I needed, including a hairdryer, and was spotlessly clean. The plug sockets were in the vanity area and included Euro and British plug sockets plus USB ports. Plus, the bathroom had shower gel, shampoo and hand soap.

Inside Cabin on Ambassador Ambition
Bathroom in Inside Cabin on Ambassador Ambition
Bathroom in Inside Cabin on Ambassador Ambition
Dressing area in inside cabin
Dressing area in an inside cabin

The bed and pillows were comfortable, and my room was quiet. As this was a four-berth cabin, there were also 2 top bunks. There was plenty of storage, a small safe, spare towels and two pool towels.

You had a choice of still and sparkling water, which was £1.50 per bottle and could be refilled. Plus, a complimentary tea and coffee tray with a kettle.

British plug sockets, European sockets and USB points in the cabin
British plug sockets, European sockets and USB points in the cabin
Water in the Cabin is charged at £1.50 a bottle
Water in the Cabin is charged at £1.50 a bottle
Tea and coffee in cabin
Spare Towels and Beach Towels in the Cabin
Outside Cabin
Outside Cabin on Ambassador Ambition
Daily news on Ambassador Ambition
Daily news on Ambassador Ambition
Daily news 2 on Ambassador Ambition
Daily news 2 on Ambassador Ambition

Room Service Breakfast on Ambassador Ambition

If, like me, you like to avoid the buffet restaurant in the mornings, then you can book breakfast to be delivered to your cabin. The tray charge is £8.95 or complimentary for suite guests and give you a great choice or breakfast options, including …

  • Full English Breakfast
  • Ham & Cheese Omelette
  • Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel with Cream Cheese, Onions & Capers
  • Bacon & Poached Eggs on Toast
  • Scotch Pancakes, Butter & Maple Syrup
  • And a Choice of Teas and Coffees
  • Plus Toast, Pastries, Fruit and Juice
Room Service Breakfast on Ambassador Ambition

Laundry Service Prices Onboard

Another thing I always do when I cruise is iron one shirt for the first night and send the rest of Hubbies shirts to be ironed. Plus, any dresses that will crease during travelling. It takes the stress out of packing, and prices are always reasonable. It’s also handy to get items washed and pressed on longer cruises to save carrying extra luggage.

Ambassador also offers a magic bag deal, which is washed, dry and folded for £14.95. I don’t know the size of the bag, but taking home clean clothes is very appealing.

ItemWash and PressPress
Dress Shirt£3.25£2.50
Regular Shirt£2.50£1.75
Day Dress£4.00£3.00
Evening DressN/A£5.00
Trousers £3.00 £2.25

Other Public Areas And Photos of Ambassador Ambition

Theatre on Ambassador Ambition
Theatre on Ambassador Ambition
Theatre Production Onboard
Theatre Production Onboard
Interactive Boards Around The Ship
Interactive Boards Around The Ship
The Library Stocked with Books
The Library Stocked with Books
Quiet Reading Area in the Library
Quiet Reading Area in the Library
The Games Room
The Games Room
The Games Area on Ambassador Ambition

In Conclusion

The diverse selection of itineraries Ambassador Cruise offers includes destinations such as the British Isles, Mediterranean, Norwegian Fjords, and Nordic Treasures. And whilst I can’t share a cruise line review as I was only onboard overnight, first impressions were great.

It’s not an all-singing dancing ship for families; however, it’s a beautiful warm, friendly ship which offers exceptional value for couples wanting a no-fly cruise chilled-out experience who want to explore some wonderful ports.

Chat with Kieran at Magical Traveller for the latest deals and offers for UK cruisers to book. Also, check out his thoughts on Ambassador Cruise Lines. Please note I was invited onboard as a guest for an overnight sailing.


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