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Are your family planning a Disney Cruise and wondering if your kids will love it? Well we know that no-one does kids like Disney. Thus this post looks at the Disney Cruise Kids Clubs, what ages do children and teens need to be for the kids clubs, how are they split and what activities can you expect to find in the clubs for kids ages between 3 and 12.

Disney Cruise Line do so much for babies that we have a whole separate post telling you everything you need to know about Cruising on Disney Cruise Line With a Baby. However do read on for more information on cruising with kids on Disney Cruise Line. We will look at teens clubs in another post, because we have soooo much to tell you about the the Oceaneer Kids Clubs for kids from 3-12.

The Ultimate Guide To Disney Cruise Line Kids Club and whats on for kids at the Oceaneers Lab and Oceaneers Club

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A Little About The Disney Cruise Line Kids Clubs

The Disney Cruise Babies, Kids and Teen Clubs Are Split Into The Following.

  • It’s a Small World Nursery (Infants 6 months-3 yrs)
  • Oceaneer Club (age 3-12)
  • Oceaneer Lab (age 3-12)
  • Edge (ages 11-14)
  • Vibe (ages 14-17)

In this post we are going to talk about the Disney Cruise Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab Kids Clubs. Because if you are booking a family cruise with Disney, a huge factor is knowing what’s available to keep children occupied, stimulated and happy.

Its worth noting that the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 12. However these are not segregated, this is wonderful for children who want to play with older or younger siblings.

Where many other cruise lines segregate children, Disney guide and arrange activities with age recommendations, however also allow children of all ages to play together.

Magic Bands are used to sign in and out of the Disney Kids Clubs on the Ships

Registration For The Kids Clubs For Your Disney Cruise

You are able to pre-register your children for Disney’s Oceaneer Lab or you can register once onboard your ship.

Then on Embarkation Day, both children and parents must check in at the front desk at Disney’s Oceaneer Club or Disney’s Oceaneer Lab. During this time, parents will need to fill out final paperwork and children will receive a Disney Cruise Line wristband. At this time parents are also invited to have a tour the clubs, meet the youth team and learn more about activities their children will be able to take part in.

Disney Cruise Kids Clubs Opening Times.

The Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab on Disney Cruise Line are open most days daily from 9am till midnight and are free of charge to use. Parents are able to check their children in and out via a Disney Cruise Magic Band which helps staff track where they are in these vast free interactive kids spaces.

There is a cost of $13 for the magic band however you get that reimbursed if you hand it it back in at the end of your cruise.

Are The Kids Clubs Open When The Ship Is In Port?

The Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab are both open whilst in port. With the exception of Castaway Cay, as the Youth Team move on land to Scuttle’s Cove, the Youth Club on Disney’s private island.

However in all other ports, the kids can stay on board and enjoy the clubs while the ship is in port. Parents can also go ashore as long as let the Youth Team there know.

Can My Child Self Sign In And Out Of The Oceaneer Club and Lab?

Children as young as eight years old can check themselves out of the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab, but only with parental permission, this was not something we allowed at that age, however this is up to individual families and must be pre agreed with Youth Staff.

Also all children can sign into the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab, this is in case a child gets lost on the ship, it’s a great idea to make sure they know how to get there in case of an emergency.

Does My Child Have To Be Potty Trained To Use The Kids Clubs?

Yes all clubs for over 3s require children to be fully potty trained in order to take part. If your children are under 3 please check out our babies guide to Disney Cruising.

A guide for the kids clubs on Disney Cruise Line for children aded 3 to 12 cruising with Disney

What Can Families On A Disney Cruise Expect To Find In The Kids Clubs?

The way Disney Cruise Line have structured their youth programmes is phenomenal. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 have the option of joining in between 2 areas the Oceaneer Club And The Oceaneer Lab?

The Difference Between The Oceaneer Club And The Oceaneer Lab.

Main differences between the 2 kids clubs on Disney Cruise Line are the themed spaces and activities they both offer for kids cruising with Disney.

The Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab are connected by a central play area, however both offer different equally wonderful experiences.

Disney’s Oceaneer Lab is about learning while having fun, with simulation games, art experiences that will really inspire creative kids to take part and have fun whilst learning or developing a skill.

Whereas Disney’s Oceaneer Club is a Disney dream come true. Hosting magical themed play areas. With character performances, storytelling sessions, a play areas that would make most adults whoop with joy.

All about the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab

Themed Rooms In The Oceaneers Club Include.

Here is a list of all the themed rooms across the Disney Fleet. Scroll down to find out which ships you can find each area on.

  • Andy’s Room: An almost life size recreation of Andy’s room where you can hang with Hamm, Rex, RC and the rest of the gang.
  • Disney Infinity Game Room: This incredible creative space allows children to try out archery challenges, take part in the Disney Racers program or try out Infinity Draw.
  • Pixie Hollow:  This magical whimsical fairy forest world, you might even catch a glance of Tinker Bell. This is the place of childhood dreams where children can play dress-up, work on craft projects, use kid-friendly tablets and listen to stories in the most magical setting.
  • Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: If your kids dream of joining the Rebel Alliance then they will love this Star Wars themed space. Where they can design a starship, take part in Jedi training or take over Han Solo’s cockpit go for a spin into the galaxy and through the Star Wars universe!
  • Disney Junior: Where your favourite Disney Junior buddies are showing on a big screen, with in games, character meet and greets, tablets and crafts.
  • MARVEL Super Hero Academy: This incredible Marvel themed area allow you to train as an Avenger, take part in missions, and break codes to learn the true meaning of super powers! Along with meeting the odd Avenger.
  • The Trading Post From Frozen: The most beautiful themed room where kids can sit and play or just have a wander and take in the Frozen themed space that is every Frozen fans dream.

Themed Rooms In The Oceaneer Club On Each Disney Ship

Disney Dream

  • Andy’s Room
  • Disney Infinity Game Room
  • Pixie Hollow
  • Star Wars: Millennium Falcon
  • MARVEL Super Hero Academy

Disney Fantasy?

  • Andy’s Room
  • Star Wars: Command Post
  • MARVEL Super Hero Academy
  • Pixie Hollow

Disney Magic

  • Andy’s Room
  • MARVEL Super Hero Academy
  • Disney Junior
  • Pixie Hollow

Disney Wonder

  • Andy’s Room
  • MARVEL Super Hero Academy
  • Disney Junior
  • Frozen Adventures:

Also Check Out These Fab Vlogs Tours Of Oceaneer Club And Oceaneer Lab

They will give you an idea how the kids clubs are split, each area is equally wonderful and exciting.

Kids Club On The Disney Wonder

A Look At The Kids Club On The Disney Dream

Dining At Disney’s Oceaneer Club

On select days, children in the Disney Cruise Kids Clubs are welcome to enjoy lunch and dinner at Disney’s Oceaneer Club. This is perfect for parents wanting to book a romantic meal, or when the kids just want to spend time hanging out with new friends.

Speciality dining on Disney Cruise Line

Parents who are booked in for second dinner seating, or would like to book a speciality restaurant without the kids, can book their children in to The Disney Dine and Play program. Here children get to dine earlier and are then escorted by the youth club staff. Thus allowing adults can enjoy their dinner at a more leisurely pace.

For more info on Disney Cruising and a look at 2021 itinerary check out the Disney Cruise Line Web Site.

Disney Cruise Line Themed Kids Club Areas you can expect to find on each Disney Cruise Ship


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