Royal Caribbean Non Alcoholic Drinks package the Refreshment package and Mocktails for kids


Are you travelling on Royal Caribbean and not really a drinker? Do you want to get an idea of the Royal Caribbean non alcoholic drinks and cocktails for kids? Here you will find all of the information on the Non alcoholic choices onboard Royal Caribbean ships. If you are a coffee or tea lover the non alcoholic refreshment package will be great in that at almost half the price of the deluxe package and you can help yourself to specialty coffees too.

Which Royal Caribbean Non Alcoholic Drinks Packages Are Available?

Royal Caribbean offer several options of non alcoholic drinks packages to suit all tastes.

  • The Classic Soda Package
  • Soda and WIFI Voom package
  • The Refreshment Package
  • The Cafe Select Coffee Card
Non Alcoholic Drinks Package on Royal Caribbean. Mocktails and Sodas on the Refreshment package

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The non alcoholic Refreshment Package on Royal Caribbean?

The Royal Caribbean Non Alcoholic package is called the Refreshment Package and offers unlimited nonalcoholic drinks. The refreshment non alcoholic package generally costs between around £25 a day.

What drinks are included in the Non Alcoholic Refreshment package?

The Refreshment Package includes the following drinks:

  • Premium coffees and teas including hot chocolate
  • Bottled still and sparkling water
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails/mocktails
  • Fountain soda and refills at any venue
  • Milkshakes at Johnny Rockets ( whilst dining )

 Fountain soda and refills at any venue 
• Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages 
• Coca-Cola souvenir cup 
• Non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails) 
• Bottled still and sparkling water 
• Premium coffees and teas 
• Fresh-squeezed juices

This is also great for kids who like smoothies and mock-tails instead of just soda.

For a full list of menus and other packages click here!

Does the Refreshment package include Starbucks?

You can not use the refreshment package at Starbucks, but you can get fancy coffee drinks at the cafe promenade. The Cafe promenade makes specialty coffees like lattes, mochas and cappuccinos and frappes.

Where can I use my package?

You Can use your package all over the ship, except Starbucks! Every bar and restaurant including the Bionic bar and schooner bars.

The New Royal Caribbean Soda and WIFI Voom package?

The Royal Caribbean classic soda and voom wi-fi package cost is $18.24 and its a new way to stay connected.

Sip, save and stay connected all cruise long with a bundle of two great favorites packages. We are bundling our Classic Soda Package with VOOM® high-speed internet. This enables so you can enjoy unlimited soda in your Coca-Cola souvenir cup, while streaming all your favorite music, movies and sharing your unforgettable moments in real time.

*All Beverage Packages exclude any beverages served inside licensed Starbucks® stores. Classic Soda Package Offerings: • Fountain soda and refills at any venue • Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages • Coca-Cola souvenir cup

Which are the best Cruise drinks packages

The Classic Soda Package on Royal Caribbean 2021-2021

This is a great affordable option for those who just enjoy soda or for the kiddies. Costing £7.59 per day (around $10.50) you can enjoy free soda refills to your hearts content and stay refreshed and hydrated.

Classic Soda Package Includes
• Fountain soda and refills at any venue 
• Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages 
• Coca-Cola souvenir cup

The Cafe Select Coffee Card

Enjoy your favourite hot drinks any time of day with the cafe select card. This will entitle you to any 15 specialty espresso-based coffees throughout your Royal Caribbean Cruise. The Cafe Select card costs £25.84 ( around £35.92)

Cafe Select coffee card on Royal Caribbean

How much are non alcoholic drinks on Royal Caribbean?

Non alcoholic drink prices vary The cocktails are typically around $7 and sodas are $3.50. Here are some ideas to know how much they will cost before you get onboard in these menus. The packages onboard come with a free coca cola souvenir cup. Best of all the souvenir cup is yours to keep.

Non Alcoholic Cocktails on Royal Caribbean menu and prices

My Favourite Virgin cocktail Drinks on Royal Caribbean

Find the best bartenders on the ship and ask them to create something unique for you or let them surprise you! You can have virtually any cocktail on the menu minus the alcohol. Try a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri a Pina Coladas or even a refreshing strawberry daiquiris.

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