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Titanic Versus Modern Cruising

How do new cruise ships compare to the Titanic? How do you compare the Titanic versus modern cruising? When the Titanic was built it was the largest ship for passengers in the world so much has changed since the Titanic graced the waters. Now over 100 years later huge cruise liners such as Symphony of the Seas are even bigger than that of the Titanic. In fact the sinking of the Titanic happened over 100 years ago and although she was the largest ship at the time most modern cruise ships are bigger than the Titanic now. So what’s makes a modern cruise ship a safer choice and how does the Titanic vs Symphony of the Seas compare?

How do new cruise ships compare to the Titanic? Titanic vs Symphony of the Seas compared

Are cruise ships bigger that the Titanic?

Yes there are many cruise ships bigger than the Titanic. The Titanic was relatively small compared to Ships of today. For instance of Royal Caribbean 26 Ship fleet 22 are bigger than the titanic and 17 of MSC Cruises 21 ships are bigger also.

Is titanic the biggest ship in history?

No the Titanic is not the biggest ship in history most cruise ships of the modern world are actually bigger than the Titanic.

What type of ship was the Titanic?

The RMS Titanic was a luxury Steam Liner passenger ship built by The White Star Line. It was the largest ship afloat at the time she entered service. The British luxury passenger liner tracgically sank on April 14–15, 1912, during its maiden voyage, en route to New York.

Last Known photo of the Titanic afloat in 1912
Last Known photo of the Titanic afloat in 1912

How big was the Titanic?

The Titanic was a huge ship in its day. It was 882 feet long, 92 feet wide weighing in at 43,328 tons. Compared to cruise ships today it was comparatively small.

The White Star Line wanted the Titanic to be known for luxurious comfort!

In the early 1900s the transatlantic passenger trade was highly profitable and competitive. Different ship lines wanted to build the large and fast ships to transport wealthy travelers and immigrants. Two of the these main lines were White Star and Cunard. The Titanic was also built for its comfort and featured a first-class dining saloon, four elevators, and a swimming pool. As comfort was key the second-class accommodations were comparable to first-class Titanic features on other ships. Third class saw features and comfort of that of second class and so on. Making the Titanic the ship that everyone wanted to travel on. Much of these things comparable to Titanic Versus Modern Cruising now.

Comparing the Titanic to a modern cruise ship info graphic courtesy of Visual Capitalist

Titanic Vs Modern Cruising, what ship compares to the titanic today?

There are many ships that are luxurious and comfortable for passengers but the family orientated ship Symphony of the Seas from Royal Caribbean has todays equivalent of that of Titanic. Lets look at Titanic vs Symphony of the Seas!

More than 100 years ago the Titanic was the largest cruise ship on the water. But today the Symphony of the seas is a ship that’s twice as high and twice as wide and can carry three times as many passengers.

Titanic vs Symphony of the Seas, how do they compare?

How does the Titanic ship compare to Symphony of the Seas? Is symphony bigger than you titanic?

  • The Titanic was built in 1912 and the Symphony of the Seas was built in 2018 over a hundred years later.
  • The Titanic was 882 feet long and the Symphony of the Seas is 1184 feet long
  • Titanics width was 92 feet whilst the Symphony was 215 feet wide.
  • HMS Titanic weighed in at 43,328 tons and the Symphony a whopping 228,081 tons
  • Titanic carried 2,435 passengers and the Symphony carries 3 times as many 6,680 tons.
The Symphony Of The Seas For Families. The Symphony Of The Seas facts about the ship and what it has onboard.
The Symphony Of The Seas facts about the ship and what it has onboard.

What were the flaws of the Titanic and how does that compare to Symphony of the Seas now?

What were the flaws of the Titanic Vs modern cruising and how does that compare to cruise ships now? It has been over 100 years since the Titanic’s fate, so how have passenger ships evolved since?

What was the world’s Largest Cruise Ship the Titanic met its fate for a number of reason and flaws that today have since been corrected and improved. Not enough lifeboats, travelling too fast, ship design and build all contributed to one of the worst maritime tragedies.

One of the major flaws of Titanics design was the compartments in the bulk head

As the iceberg punctured holes in the ship’s steel plates it flooded six compartments. In a just two hours the Titanic filled with water and sank.

One of the problems was the with these 15 watertight bulkhead compartments. The compartments were equipped with electric watertight doors that could be operated individually or simultaneously by a switch on the bridge. 

It was these watertight bulkheads that deemed the Titanic to be “practically unsinkable.” But this watertight compartment design contained a flaw that was a critical factor in Titanic’s sinking. Each of the individual bulkheads were watertight but the walls separating the bulkheads extended only a few feet above the water line. When one compartment flooded the water poured from one compartment into another thus filling them all. Today ship design is far more technical and has many more safety features.

Lack of lifeboats

There were not enough lifeboats! Such a massive loss of life could probably have been avoided if the ship had carried sufficient lifeboats for its passengers and crew. The White Star liner left Southampton with only 20 lifeboats onboard. This was the legal minimum for a total capacity of 1,178 people. Also a muster drill was not taken for the passengers so nobody knew where to go or what to do.

What has changed since Titanic to make modern ships safer today?

In defineing Titanic Versus Modern Cruising many changes have taken place to make ships as safe as possible to day since the Ttanic disaster. The structure and construction of cruise ships have evolved over time with much better technology, materials and building methods for example; Rivets were used on the Titanics hull with too much slag content in the metal making them weak. Now ships modern cruise ships use submerged arc welding. This welding undergoes ultrasonic testing. Bulk head design has also changed; In 2008 the International Maritime Organization developed new standards mandating that ships remain stable with more than two compartments flooded.

The immediate effect of the disaster resulted in the coming together of SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) in the year 1914. Ensuring all rules and regulations and ship standards are met. Now every passenger must be guaranteed a lifeboat, they must also pass strict regulations and be of sufficient strength. The International Convention of Safety of Life at Sea guidelines require that a muster drill must be held within 24 hours of a ship’s departure from its embarkation port.

Video Tour of the Symphony of the Seas and Top Ten Tips For Cruising With Teens
Titanic Versus Modern Cruising The Symphony of the Seas is the largest ship now as was Titanic in 1912

Where can I learn more about the Titanic?

If you are interested in learning more about the Titanic there are many museums and memorials to this fateful ship. You can visit the port of Cherbourg where the La Cité de la Mer has an exhibition. There is also titanic engineers memorial in Southampton.

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