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Celebrity Cruise Ships By Age, Size And Passenger Numbers 2022

This post looks at Celebrity Cruise Ships By Age, Newest To Oldest size weight, passenger and crew numbers aws of 2022. Ok yes, these are geeky facts not everyone is interested in. However I find facts like this so interesting, it’s great to know a little more about your favourite cruise line. Also, it’s great to know these Celebrity Cruise ship facts and details when you are booking a cruise.

Factors like how big is a ship, when it was built and also refurbished? These are all limiting factors when deciding on the next cruise ship you want to sail on. Some people prefer small and friendly, some want big and shiny. Choosing a cruise ship is all about personal choice, and one size does not fit all. Also check here to see what the biggest passenger ships in world are?

Celebrity Cruise Ships By Size, Age And Passenger Numbers

If you have cruised with Celebrity then you know there really is no looking back, despite not being the biggest or newest ship I had ever cruised on. Additionally it was pre renovations, but saying all that, Celebrity Silhouette is still my favourite ship to have ever sailed on. I am not sure why, it was off peak so the ship was quieter, the quality, speciality dining and incredible staff, gorgeous cabin, everything added up and it felt like a very special ship.

In this post I am going to look at the facts and figures, this will help you decide which Celebrity Cruise Ship is best for you. Or indeed just answer a few geeky questions for you.

The Pool Deck on celebrity silhouette

Celebrity Ships By Age Newest To Oldest

What Was Celebrities First Ever Cruise Ship?

Celebrity was founded in 1988 by the Chandris Group, with its first ship, the S.S. Meridian, launching in 1990. History tells us the Celebrity of course went on to be associated with quality a luxury and In 1997 was acquired by the Royal Caribbean Group, who made the decision to keep the two brands separate.

How Many Ships Do Celebrity Have?

Celebrity Cruise line as of 2021 have 16 cruise ships, 14 in active service with Celebrity Beyond due to launch in April 2022 and Celebrity Ascent in 2023. Also 3 of the fleet are much smaller vessels use for exploration cruises.

Atrium on Celebrity Edge

What Is The Newest Celebrity Ship?

The newest ship is Celebrity Beyond a 3260 passenger, Edge class ship which launches soon. Before this Celebrity Apex a 2910 passenger Edge Class ship, and Flora a 100 passengers Galapagos class ship, both ships launched in 2019 reaching totally different audiences. However Celebrity Ascent has just been announced and will launch in 2023.

Celebrity Ships By Age Newest To Oldest At A Glance

  • Ascent, 2023
  • Beyond, 2022
  • Apex, 2019
  • Flora, 2019
  • Edge, 2018
  • Xploration, 2017
  • Reflection, 2012
  • Silhouette, 2011
  • Eclipse, 2010
  • Equinox, 2009
  • Solstice, 2008
  • Xpedition, 2004
  • Constellation, 2002
  • Infinity, 2001
  • Summit, 2001
  • Millenium, 2000
Roof Garden on Celebrity Edge, with plant and modern structures,Celebrity ships by age and size

Celebrity Ships By Age, Class And Passengers

ShipClassYear LaunchedYear RefurbishedPassengersApprox
AscentEdgeDue 202332601400140,6001073ft
BeyondEdgeDue 202232601400140,6001073ft
Equinox Solstice2009201928521250122,0001041ft
Constellation Millenium 2002218499990,940965ft
Infinity Millenium 2001217099991,000965ft
MilleniumMillenium20002019221899790,940965 ft

What Is The Difference Between The New And Old Celebrity Ships?

Part of the Celebrity Revolution saw a complete redesign and rethink to fit with modern interiors and design and the results are stunning. Leaving behind the copper and rust tones in favour of cool bronzes and whites with a natural element that gives the ships a gorgeous opulent feel.

Ideas such as the Rooftop Garden which is a glorious redesign on the original garden areas of older ships. Although not all ships have had the planned Celebrity Revolution, it is on the cards for many.

Newer ships have enhance facilities such as the Magic Carpet, the Retreat Suite Area and the Eden Bar. The feel is cool, luxurious yes super modern without being cold.

Which Celebrity Ships Have Been Refurbished?

Celebrity Silhouette was the last to be refurbished in 2020, followed by Celebrity Summit, Equinox and Millenium in 2019. However there are more planned in the pipeline.

Eden on Celebrity Edge

Which Is The Biggest Celebrity Cruise Ship?

Celebrity Beyond and Ascent will take over as the biggest ships being 140,600 gross tons and holding 3260 passengers and around 1400 crew, when they launch in 2022, 2023. Thus taking the mantle off of Celebrity Apex and Edge who are slightly smaller at 129,500 and holding 2910 and 2918 passengers retrospectively. However compared the the newer ships in sister fleet Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas which holds 6,988 passengers 236,857 gross tons the ships are more intimate by today’s standards.

Celebrity Edge photo tour  a view of the pool with the wings overlooking the pool

Who Are The Godparents Of All Of The Celebrity Cruise Ships?

  • Ascent, TBA
  • Beyond, TBA
  • Apex, Reshma Saujani, the founder and CEO of international nonprofit Girls Who Code
  • Flora, Yolanda Kakabadse, former minister of environment for Ecuador and former president of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and World Wildlife Fund International.
  • Edge, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai
  • Xploration, None
  • Reflection, Jovanka Goronjic, Megan Mathie., Helen O’Connell, Rosey Rodriguez, all Celebrity employes whose life had been impacted by breast cancer to raise awareness for the cause.
  • Silhouette, Michelle Morgan, the president and CEO of Signature Travel Network
  • Eclipse, Emma Pontin, yachtswoman from the UK
  • Equinox, Nina Barough, founder of a UK cancer charity
  • Solstice, Sharon Smith, a biological oceanographer
  • Xpedition, None
  • Constellation, Jean Marie Arneberg, a wife of Tor Arneberg who was a member of the Royal Caribbean board of directors.
  • Infinity, Solveig Wilhelmsen
  • Summit, Paulina Rider Wilhemsen founder of Wilstar, a social impact venture which is focused on supporting projects in the areas of education, human dignity, women’s rights, and maritime conservation.
  • Millenium, Robyn Roux, wife and adviser to Michel Roux

And that’s it, a guide to Celebrity Cruise ships with lot of useful facts, and some not so useful but interesting all the same.

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